10 Crazy Gun Tattoos

If you’re reading this blog, we’re already going to assume that you like guns. A lot.

But do you like guns enough to permanently display them on your body for all eternity? Hold up… don’t answer that. Maybe you have a gun tattoo, and it’s the most beautiful piece of artwork that has ever been etched into human flesh. We’re not here to judge. However, we found these to be some pretty wild firearm tats of all time.

Not wild enough? Got better ones? Link them up in the comments section, and we’ll add ’em to the list.

1. Get-You-Kicked-Outta-Six-Flags Style

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2. The Concealed Look

3. Good Girl Gone Bad

4. On The Head

5. Lower Back Bloom

6. Nintendo Time

7. Put Your Hands Up

8. On The Head Part Deux

9. Smith & Wesson’s 640 Revolver

10. Skeleton Man

(Images via Gamesnet, TattooBringer, AmyGrindhouse, Zhippo.com, Photobucket, mattgrommes, scmtngirl, foonk and graphicward)

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