10 Days Left of The Converse Military Boots For Life Contest

As many of our loyal Military Boots Blog readers know, we are giving away a lifetime supply of Converse Military Boots.

Not just to any average Joe though. Oh no. We’re holding out for the owner of the oldest, grimiest pair around. In order to prove it, we want you to take a few pictures of those grungy things, and send it our way.

The deadline to submit pictures of your most worn-out boots is quickly approaching. Since the contest ends March 31, that means there’s only 10 days left to submit boot snapshots.

By the way, when we say lifetime supply, it means the winner will get one pair of Converse military boots per year — for the next 20 years!

Our inbox has already been stuffed with some stellar entries. If you think your boots are withered enough to compete, send great photos of it to contest [at] militaryboots [dot] com. For more contest information, please visit the Boots for Life contest page.

We’ll be announcing the big winner on April 5 as well as posting his or her story right here. So stay tuned!

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