10 Holsters Not for Guns

When the word holster pops into any conversation, there’s an immediate and natural association with firearms.

Yet these following folks decided to go with the broader definition of holster: A case for carrying a usually small item on the person. And some opted to ignore the definition altogether, employing that arrangement of letters for pure marketing genius.

1. Beer Holster – It’s high noon, and the sun is beating down fiercely. While attempting to draw a pistol, you find an ice-cold brewski instead. Or a soda. Or bottled water. If you buy a beer holster from $28.99 to $49.99, the choice really is yours.

2. Lightsaber Glove HolsterStar Wars super-geeks everywhere will cross over to the dark side with this electric weapon tote. But first they’ll need $18.95 to order one of these sweet Jedi-influenced gloves.

3. Smart Phone Holster – Categorized as one of the nerdiest holsters out there, the cell phone holster truly sends out that I’m-not-cool-but-so-want-to-be vibe. Use with extreme caution.

4. Wii Remote Holster – Not as bad as the cell phone holster, but it has been called the most useless accessory ever. So there.

5. Baby Jogger Liquid Holster – At first we thought this contraption held one of those goo-goo gaa-gaa machines. But then again, babies aren’t strictly liquid. So the name didn’t really fit. Then it dawned on us: It holds a drink. Duh. So, it’s a beer holster, right?

6. Gadget Holster – As if the Lightsaber Glove Holster wasn’t bad enough, now technophiles can strap all their smaller gadgets right at their side. The cooler version of a fanny pack can hold a cell phone, iPod, a memory stick, keys, headphones… basically anything around this size.

7. Stethoscope Holster – Paging Doctor Who! We have an emergency fashion situation. The best solution? Spice up your scrubs stat with this holster that will decrease your chances of getting strangled by that darn thing.

8. Cheese Holster – The only thing that stinks about this holster is that it will only hold asiago. That and we can’t find a single site that actually sells this. Such a tease!

9. Kitty Holster – Nothing looks quite as awkward as a cat on a leash. But when you call the harness a “kitty holster” ($19.99 to $24.94) then it somehow becomes OK.

10. Massage Oil Holster – Really? This exists? We’re guessing it’s for professional use only. Pick out one with single or double pockets in black, navy, teal or wine today.

11. The Official Beer Glove – So, this isn’t really a holster or called a holster, but a reader sent a link to this chic way to hold a drink, and we thought it was pretty rad.

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  1. A couple of years ago I purchased two pairs of these gloves. I now need another pair. How do I go about ordering them?
    Thank you for your help!

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