10 Military iPad Apps

Last March leaders from the U.S. Army met with folks over at Apple to investigate ways our military can make use of iPhone and iPad technology during combat.

Maj. Gen. Nick Justice of the Research, Development and Engineering Command said the Army is moving away from big-green-box solutions and toward more adaptable commercial gadgets.

Because of its larger size, the iPad might not be the most easy-to-carry tool when entering a warzone. It also has substantially less available apps ready for download. But we were curious: What iPad applications are out there for the military?

U.S. Army Survival Guide – $1.99

Keeping a 1,400-page manual in your back pocket isn’t really an option. What this app does is create that document into easy-to-read digital pages from the U.S. Army Survival field manual. With a manual that large, it’s only natural to expect extensive coverage on topics such as field weapons, weather prediction, water procurement, poisonous plants and loads more.

Sun Compass – $.99

You need some direction. Doesn’t everybody? Using this app, point the iPad either north or to the sun, press the corresponding button and shazam! You now have direction.

Find My Phone – Free

Losing your iPhone is easy, but your iPad? Not so much. If you misplace either, log on to this app on any iPhone or iPad using a MobileMe subscription (60-day free trial available). It will then quickly pinpoint the missing gadget on a map. Even program your lost device to make sounds, to lock up data or even permanently erase all top-secret information.

U.S. Army Ranks HD – $.99

Navigating uniform insignia has never been easier. High resolution images display the differences between enlisted ranks such as private and sergeant as well as officer ranks and general ranks. Aye aye, sir!

Army Ranger Handbook – $2.99

Enter the mind of an Army Ranger. This is your guidebook to those warriors of the sky. Thirteen chapters on leadership to demolitions give an in-depth view on the rigors of warfare. Already familiar with the Army Ranger’s world? This app is still a nifty reference guide.

Army First Aid – $1.99

Emergencies happen when you least expect it. Often you won’t have time to flip through a 600-page manual to learn how to help. When you do, employ the U.S. Army’s official First Aid handbook. From the basics to specifics, it will give you the know-how to save a life or two—and potentially your own.

Army OneSource Services – Free

Discover neighboring Army programs, services and resources by searching your zip code on this app. It might just help you uncover a support network you never knew existed. Kinda like finding a $20 bill in your pocket, right?

Survival Pocket Ref – $.99

Five hundred pages of information-packed survival tips include techniques on first aid, fire building and navigation. If you’re more of an outdoors type and not looking for a strictly-military survival guide, Survival Pocket Ref is the perfect choice.

U.S. Armed Forces – $1.99

An amalgamation of documents, manuals, lists and codes, U.S. Armed Forces is the ultimate reference application for the military. Keep Franklin Roosevelt’s Pearl Harbor speech or George W. Bush’s Sept. 11 address in your back pocket; read up on Army combat training on the go.

Marine Martial Arts – $1.99

While close range combat doesn’t happen too often, when it does, there’s no time to hesitate. From timing to distance to balance, the fundamentals of martial arts can certainly come in handy during the preparation period—probably not so much once you’re already entangled in a physical struggle.

Have you used any of these apps? Or is there a military-related iPad app we forgot? Let us know.

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  1. Dear News,
    Thanks you for your post Any information would be greatly appreciated. I’ve been searching around, but haven’t found a stream quite suiting enough for my needs.
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  2. If you could get pure edge files like 5988 or 2404 for the motor pool that would be kick @$$ to be able to use your ipad to print out 5988 for a vichel when you needed to or if it could be used as a sams box to keep inventory on your parts for trucks and if it had the TM’s for every military piece of equiptment and if you could get fed log on your ipad that would make everybody in the military want one even if they hatted apple

  3. We need the nco leaders book real bad please ! the need is real important

  4. Yeah these 10 “best apps” are all pretty useless. especially since you have to buy them. i havent found but a few usefull military apps for ipad. And if they arent free. pretty much noone is going to pay for an app to find AR’s and FM’s when you can do it for free in so many different ways. I did a search and found all these apps and then some. I downloaded a few free ones like a PRT manual and a list of creeds. But what i really want is a forms viewer. So whenever I need to fill out a form and get it to my commander in a hurry. I can do it on my ipad and email it to him. Or a leaders book where i can seperate my soldiers information, counseling, smif files, and appointments seperate from my own. Do this and every NCO in the army will be buying an ipad

  5. I totally agree with “SFC E”… I would kill for a Myforms, or a Pureedge, or a Lotus app. How about an AKO app that could access myforms and AKO e-mail? Or Medpros? or an HRC or OMPF app? Seriously who the hell wants to look up “Army ranks in ‘HD”? Really HD? There are a thousand Apps I could think of that would make my life easier. The NCO app that has all the ARs and FMs in it is nice but needs a lot of work. I would like an App I can type in a subject and it would pull up every regualtion that has to do with what I typed in. And a survivial guide? I sure hope the next time I’m trapped behind enemy lines or stuck out in the forest I have my ipad! (oh, and a generator to charge it)… Come on big Army! If your going to have a meeting with Apple, how about put some effort into the products that get made.

  6. I was wondering when an NCO leaders book app for the iPad will be created.

  7. Ok. Call me stupid, but why would I pay for a field manual app? I already can download all AR’s and FM’s for free from the Army in PDF format and use them with IBooks. All of the apps here seem to be garbage. I do not know anyone who would pull out an iPhone to use it as a compass, or to check to see if two stars was a major general. What do we need? Overlay apps. A real military forms app- like, I don’t know… Pureedge or lotus? An op order app that can actually send to other iPod/ ipads.

  8. how about a USAF Airman’s manual, I know a few thousand people that would laod that one, but needed also for IPOD Touch.

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