12 Tactical Resolutions for 2012

With a new year come new goals. We thought we would help you on your path towards ultimate tactical fulfillment by putting together list of operator-inspired suggestions. Yes, most of them are things we’ve had on our resolution to-do list for awhile. Thus, we’ve decided 2012 is a year for action.

Without further ado, we bring to you (in no particular order) 12 tactical resolutions for 2012.

1.) Blindfolded Field Strip

 So you know how to break down your choice gun… Can you do it blindfolded? Only a true maestro of all that is badass can pull this off (or someone with a lot of time on his hands).

2.) Learn Karate

Yeah, if you want to top the tactical charts, you’ll need to have some killer hand-to-hand combat skills. Not so fond of the karate? We suppose you could learn another style of H2H combat, but none are as Chuck Norris approved.

3.) Get Pumped About Protein

Ok, so you’re a one man (or woman) army. To ensure that machine of a body stays well-oiled, chow down on eggs, lean meats or other foods high in protein. Consuming this particular food group is well advised for those looking to get pumped up.

4.) Time on the Range

Make more time for the range. We know you’re busy, but take a day here and there to practice shooting. Become one with your blessed firearm, kemosabe.

5.) Maverick It Up

Nothing quite puts people at ease than the Maverick thumbs up. A weak, halfhearted hand signal can lead to doubt and possibly even bouts of pandemonium. Spend five to ten minutes a week perfecting your own in mirror.

6.) Importance of Pockets

You need tons of pockets for storage. Buy pocket-friendly pants, vests and shirts. This particular resolution will make more sense at number 10.

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7.) Master Rappelling

Some days you rappel and some days you don’t. Yet, every supremely tactical gentleman and gentlewoman should master the art of climbing down the side of a building.

8.) Rosetta Stone or Bust

English is a popular language. However, that doesn’t mean that you should remain monolingual. Brush up on that high school knowledge or learn an entirely new one. Did James Bond only know one language? No, he was fluent in tons. Check and mate.

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9.) Simplify Equipment

Is that tactically overloaded rifle slowing you down? Your modifications shouldn’t cost more than your beloved AK-47 (or that AR-15). Stick with the essential add-ons in 2012.

[Image via The Everyday Carry Blog]

10.) EDC Like a Boss

We might have mentioned going the simple route with gun mods. Yet, your everyday carry needs might need some expanding. We can’t all be MacGyvers. If your pockets can hold it, pack it unless it’s explicitly forbidden by any laws.

11.) Prepare

The Mayans predicted 2012 to be the end of days. Honestly, we don’t subscribe to all that calendar mumbo jumbo… but we do believe in the impending virus/plague outbreak. Hello, the Black Death was a thing. That bountiful canned good and bottle water supply can go a long way. Also, a secret safe room will come in handy.

[Image via Yell Magazine

12.) Conquer a Fear

Stare down a fear or three this year. It doesn’t have to be as magnanimous as saving an old lady from a burning building or crazy as climbing a rope ladder in shark-infested waters. Although those are pretty cool, it can be something small like not wearing flip flops in the gym shower. No, don’t do that—that’s just nasty. Well, we think you get the point. Sally forth!

What’s your most tactical resolution for 2012? 

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