14 Firearm Podcasts

If you want to learn a little bit more about guns and firearm rights but don’t have a lot of time to read news and blog sites?

Podcasts provide a way to stay on top of niche topics without really having to do too much work. Below is a list of the top 14 gun podcasts we found on our own journey to gain a better understanding of guns and second amendment rights.

Action Shooting Podcast – Even though this site has only produced three podcasts since July 2009, the site itself is a great resource for photos, news and information.

Down Range Radio – A weekly supplement to Down Range Television, founded by TV personality and journalist Michael Bane.

Firearms Café – A monthly look into crime, guns, politics and gun culture with Tony.

Gun Nuts Radio – A weekly podcast that goes live once a week with a wide array of guests. It’s pro-gun (hence the name) and very political.

Gun Review Podcast – This podcast has a different type of format. It works off of user-submitted reviews of various guns and updates about once a month.

Gun Rights Radio – Dedicated to upholding and preserving the Second Amendment right, this activist radio show firmly believes: “It’s not about guns, it’s about freedom.”

Gun Talk Radio – Each week Gun Talk posts three separate podcasts that cover its three-hour show, hosted by Tom Gresham, which covers firearms, personal safety and gun rights.

Pro-Arms Podcast – This is an assembled group of gun experts who gather weekly to discuss new topics and firearms, giving ‘no-holds-barred’ views and reviews.

The Urban Shooter – Hosted by author, instructor and activist Kenn Blanchard, The Urban Shooter provides weekly commentary mixing in humor, guests, gun safety and more.

The Shooting Bench – New Mexico’s Ross Sporting Goods, which has been around for 54 years, produces this once-a-week podcast.

The Survival Podcast – While it’s not strictly a firearms podcast, the daily show does dive into gun discussions and it frequently has shows that would be helpful for any gun owner.

Vicious Circle – This snark-filled look into the gun world includes topics like sniper etiquette, favorite movies, politics and a gang of firearm bloggers from around the web-o-sphere.

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6 Comments on “14 Firearm Podcasts

  1. What about the gun show podcast? Love those guys and they give great info while still being entertaining.

  2. Seriously how on earth did you miss The Gun Dudes?! They are by far one of tr best podcasts out there.

  3. Interesting, Gun Nutz hasnt had an episode since March. ProArms I agree is a good show but hasnt had hardly any episodes since 2010. Gun Dudes is by far one of the best Pro 2nd Amendment podcasts. You are also missing a very good Radio show that is syndicated around the country. Armed American Radio. What about some of the other shows on the GRRN, or how about the ENTIRE GRRN? Handgun World Show, Power Factor Show, and Gun Rights News, just to name a few.

  4. Really? the top 14 podcasts? Just make it 15 and add the Gundudes.
    The Handgun Podcast is a good one as well.

    Got Gundudes?

  5. GunDudes You gotta listen to these guys.

  6. You are missing one of my favorites – The GunDudes podcast. Carl, Stan, and Tom are amateurs in the best sense of the word. They do this podcast because it is fun and has to do with guns. Are they experts? No – not even Tactical Tommy. Still, it is a podcast that is worth listening to on a regular basis if only to raise your spirits.

    They start the podcast each week with 2-3 stories of how firearms were used to protect the good people from the scum of the earth. Then it is time for the Misfire Award which features stories of stupid criminals, dumb school administrators, etc.

    It is worth a listen and is part of the Gun Rights Radio Network.



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