22 Strange, Funny Trail Signs

As a skilled adventurer, you know paying attention to trail signs is imperative. Without keeping a close watch, you might end up lost. Even worse, you could be totally unprepared for imminent danger.

Then there are signs that aren’t so helpful. You look at it. And you look at it again. Instead of finding deep meaning, the only thing you can bring yourself to do is shake your head.

Well, get ready to do that over and over again. These are those kinds of signs.

1. If you don’t fall into the pit, it will spray noxious gases in your face. A win-win? Perhaps.

More Warning Signs

2. Expensive and risky. Consider our interest piqued.


3. “Believe it or not, this was actually one of the more clear signs on the trails” reads this photo’s Flickr caption.


4. Take a look at the bottom sign. Say what?!


5. This trail is open to hiking, not bicycling and looking at signs. Sweet!


6. Something this ironic has to be fake.

More Signs

7. Why not just say “When Nature Calls”?

8. Sure beats bears, right?

Travel Caution
9. Hope they didn’t steal that sign from a road.

Sign near Sec 4 mile 17_IMG_0553
10. What do you think this sign used to say?

Important Sign.. Please Read

11. Even the French Alps are not immune to strange hiking signs.

Hiking Sign
12. You may or may not encounter a giant ball of string on this hike. If you do, do NOT attempt to climb it, no matter how ridiculously fun it may appear.


13. Clearly a highly sophisticated security system.

14. Aside from fish, we really love all wildlife.

engrish funny pants fish
15. There’s nothing like a good carcass-in-area alert.

carcass alert

16. Quite an intuitive sign.
Intuitive Sign!
17. Wouldn’t “Hike at your own risk” suffice?
Sketchy Ladder Liability Sign
18. The most detailed trailhead direction guide ever.
Possibly The Most Detailed Trailhead Direction Road Sign I Have Seen. Ever.
19. A totem pole of dangers… During this hike you might: Jump on a rectangular block, trip over some strings, hold up a fallen tree or ahhhh SNAKES!!
sign at hiking trail
20. Are you sure this “stinging” tree isn’t just filled with bees?
News you can use!
21. This trail sign is open for interpretation.

The Yellow Trail Sign

22. Never let a bear walk an unleashed dog and bird!

No untethered birds

(Images via dsphoto-, jonathanshaffer, why68, chuntr, ccontemplations, 2000miler, eoconn, nonfinis, mtnegan, ebaumsworld.com, FailBlog.org, kibethan, realaworldjeffhester, nglinli, outbj, ryates3, rahhali, hellcat, taz)

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