5.11 Tactical Opens First Retail Store in CA

The well-known 5.11 Tactical logo adorns the company's storefront. All photos are from 5.11 Tactical's Facebook page.

Today (5/11/11) marks the grand opening of the 5.11 Tactical Signature Store. Located in Fresno, Calif., the store will have a vast selection of products available to try on prior to purchase. Also, tactical shoppers will receive 20 percent off in-store purchases during the grand opening.

Pictured in this display case is the 9.11 Collection from 5.11 Tactical.

Before the grand opening festivities, 5.11 Tactical invited the public to preview the store. Inside one display case were products from 5.11 Tactical’s 9.11 Collection. Items within the line include a baseball cap, a patch, pins, tactical polos, t-shirts, bags, a briefcase and a wallet.  All profits from these items are donated to the National Law Enforcement Officer’s Memorial Fund and the FDNY Foundation.

5.11 Tactical Pants as far as the eye can see!

The world’s very first 5.11 Tactical Signature Store is chock-full of tactical gear and clothing. Said to feature every product in the 5.11 catalog, shoppers may have a hard time leaving with just one item.

Let's not forget the boots.

Added bonus … the Range Pistol Club is just next door. After shopping for tactical gear, stop by the Range and fire a few rounds off. Recently undergoing renovations, the building has state-of-the-art classrooms and facilities that are utilized for the Police Science Institute.

The Range Pistol Club facilities are just across the way from the new 5.11 Tactical Signature Store.

The 5.11 Tactical Signature Store is located at 5151 N. Gates Avenue. The zip code is 93722 for those who will be navigating by GPS.

How close are you to the 5.11 Tactical store? Do you think they should open more stores throughout the U.S.?

8 Comments on “5.11 Tactical Opens First Retail Store in CA

  1. I bought two 5:11 Model PC3 300 flashlights with chargers. Both lights have stopped working and I can find no way to replace the batteries. Can you give me any suggestions as to what to do?

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  3. The store is great! Went for the grand opening and been back probably at least once a week since…always see that “one last thing” I need on the way out, and brings me back again:) Great selection, great staff. Always happy to help and to accommodate your needs. Rare now a days to find helpful, HAPPY employees I retail. And I’ll be back soon!!!

    BTW- (I may be to late for this one) Depending where you’re located, the trip from LA to Fresno, and the 5.11 store is cake! From the LAX/LA area to Fresno is only ~230mi…and literally a straight shot! I-5 north to 99 north (it simply merges) and take the Shaw Exit. After the Shaw exit you’re 3min away.

  4. Just went to this store today in Fresno. It was worth the trip. The store has everything! Every item,in every size and color. The Range gun store next to it is the icing on the case. Great prices and a very cool indoor range.

  5. I am super glad. I need 2 vest and what do you know.. They open a store here LoL… My lucky day!!!!

  6. Fresno? Why Fresno? Do you have any idea how long it takes to get there from Los Angeles on a small motorcycle? I’m about to find out! LOL!!

    Good stuff! Looking forward to making the trip 🙂

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