5.11 Tactical Reveals New High-Performance Fabric

In its commitment to innovation, 5.11 Tactical has created a new, high-performance fabric called Flex-Tac. The patent pending material has increased breathability, stain resistance and colorfastness. Most importantly it stretches almost 20% more than traditional tactical pants. Now that’s a true operator fit.

This little bit of extra stretch allow first responders to move freely. No worrying about any movement hindrance here. The first pant made from the material is the 5.11 Stryke Pant, which is now available for purchase.

The idea behind the new fabric came from a trip to the Middle East. Francisco Morales, president of 5.11 Tactical, traveled to Jordan and the UAE where he met with security contractors and elite U.S. military operators. From these avid fans and wearers of 5.11, Morales learned that they all wanted a larger range of motion out of the pants.

“The goal was to add functionality for our tactical operators by increasing range of motion and reducing the amount of resistance the fabric would give them,” said Morales. “In order to maintain our durability and comfort we used the high strength-to-weight ratio of our popular Taclite™ fabric.  This allowed us to keep the strong rip-stop weave and add the extra functionality that stretch delivers.”

So what exactly are the differences between traditional stretch and Flex-Tac? While traditional material is typically spandex woven into the fabric, Flex-Tac is woven to create 2-way horizontal stretch for quick recovery and improved breathability. The fibers are woven in a coil allowing stretch and recoil whenever movement happens.

via PoliceOne.com

What tactical pant feature needs the most improvement?

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