5 Reasons You Need One of Vertx’s New Bags

If you followed our SHOT Show coverage, you’ve already heard a little bit about Vertx’s maiden voyage into the world of tactical bags. What makes them stand out from other tactical packs on the market is the ability to customize your carry. For the organizationally challenged, storing your gun, magazines and equipment has never been easier. Read our top 5 reasons why you need at least one of these badass bags.


5. Ballistic-plate compatible

Need a little extra protection? Search every Vertx bag, and you’ll find a specialized compartment designed specifically to hold ballistic plates (sold separately). The premium zippers and Cordura nylon material amplify the durability and security of these low profile yet functional bags.

4. Shield function

The EDC Commuter Sling bag goes above and beyond our expectations as an everyday carry. Our favorite feature of this bag is what we like to call the “Captain America” function. Like we said, every Vertx bag has a ballistic plate compartment. When carrying the EDC Commuter Sling bag with a ballistic insert, the bag doubles as a shield. Similar to Captain America, you can quickly sling the one-strap bag around for added protection.



3. Ammo trays

Calling all shooting enthusiasts! You better take note of the A-Range Bag. The function-focused design makes it more convenient than ever to frequent the range. Its biggest benefit? Definitely the removable ammo trays. Unlike other range bags, Vertx’s comes with drawstring ammo holders. Purposefully placed mesh on the bottom of the ammo-holders allows you to shake out dirt and debris without spilling the contents.

2. Adaptor Panels

One of the most compelling features of these bags is the optional accessories. You can purchase them separately, and they’re compatible with all styles. Each accessory attaches to a loop-panel lining located on the interior of every Vertx bag. The adaptor panel accessories specifically make intelligent storage simple, which is why they steal our No. 2 spot.


The Vertx MOLLE Adaptor Panel (MAP) comes in single, double and quad sizes and attaches securely to the lining. It allows you to customize the location and direction of any gear you attach to the accessory. The Belt Adaptor Panel (BAP) accessory works similarly but is designed to work with standard holsters and MOLLE accessories specifically.

1. Velcro Magazine Holders and Holsters

The MOLLE and BAP accessories already made the list, but the holster and magazine holders step it up one more notch to snatch our No. 1 spot. Also sold separately, the adjustable holder and holsters flex and fold to fit your weapon and equipment.



Vertx Designer Jesse Thompson refers to the system as “tactical origami” because of the way specialized straps mold to secure your shooting accessories no matter their size. Because of this uni que system, the holsters can fit virtually ANY weapon, even uncommon models.


Like other Vertx bag accessories, these are made from Velcro One-Wrap and attach securely to the soft lining of Vertx bags. The holsters come in a small size that fits sub-compact handguns and a larger version built to accommodate any pistol size. The magazine holders come in a mini-mag as well as a large-mag version.


What do you think of the new Vertx bags? Let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. The bag is great, but having a difficult time finding a ballistic insert to fit

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