7 ‘Top Shot’ Audition Tips [Videos]

At the end of last year, The History Channel put out a call for skilled marksmen in an attempt to cast its very-first reality show Top Shot. And the marksmen have answered — canvassing the web with videos displaying awesome shooting skills, extensive firearm knowledge and more.

After perusing the auditions already out there, we decided to compile a list of tips to help out future applicants. Watch, and learn.

1. DO edit your video. With crafty editing skills, this applicant not only shows that he has a face (and personality) for television, he also possesses firearm talents and experience.

2. DO have a good opening line. This guy wins for his: “I’m kind of like an energizer bunny with a gun.” Uh-oh, watch out!

3. DON’T bring the waterworks. When this contestant broke down in tears mid-audition, it wasn’t as moving as it was puzzling. What?

4. DO make sure your video has sound. See what happens when you upload a video with a copyrighted song below. We’re cool with silent movies and all, but not silent auditions. Sorry.

5. DO be a girl, if possible. Being that chicks with guns are a major rarity, you’ll certainly get the attention you deserve.

6. DON’T start “in medias res”, Latin for in the middle of things. It may work for dramatic reenactments or art films. Not for an audition tape. It’s just awkward.

7. Following the advice of tip No. 4, DO make sure we can hear what you are saying. So, as the video below demonstrates, don’t film it at the range filled with other people firing away right next to you!

And then we saved the best for last, mostly because these two videos wouldn’t embed. Both are “do’s” though. Good luck to all who audition. We’ll keep you posted on the Top Shot premier date.

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