8 Military Halloween Costume Ideas

This Halloween stand out from a sea of blood-sucking vampires and brain-sucking zombies. Instead of following that parade of the dull and dead, become a real-life action hero by incorporating military gear into your costume.

Perhaps some are back-of-the-closet items, or even everyday wear; others might be a Halloween splurge that can easily transition into your wardrobe. Either way, you’ll be ready for any scare this year.

1. Rambo

Black lightweight tactical pants ($32.99) and a pair of worn combat boots are the basic elements for this costume. However, a buff bod and a super-sized machine gun prove to be essential in really pulling off an intense John J. Rambo look. Oh, and don’t forget that long, flowing bandanna and Farrah Fawcett-esque locks.

2. Kid Cadet

‘Tis the season for pint-sized, trick-or-treating troops to march door to door and collect all those delicious bits of Kit Kat and Snickers. To create kids army costumes, scope children’s BDU coats and pants ($19.99 each) for a 50 percent nylon/cotton dose of digital camo.

3. Captain America

Most recall comic book superhero Captain America fighting enemies in a red, white and blue costume. However, a more realistic depiction of the patriotic icon is due out on the big screen next year. To model a costume after the movie poster above, go with a navy BDU coat and pants ($27.99 each) paired with brown Danner military boots ($249.95) and a shoulder holster, duty belt and duty pouches.

4. Alice – Resident Evil

Rugged and tough, superhuman Alice is the quintessential tactical goddess. Stop by Hot Topic to pick up a red and mesh tank top. The rest of her outfit is clearly military gear. Grab a pair of black tactical pants, preferably the lower-waist 24-7 Series ($39.99), as well as a shoulder holster, two leg holsters and a duty belt.

5. FBI Agent

Agent attire can range from a tuxedo to a tactical polo and pants. For the tried-and-true look, go for the latter. Slip into a pair of khaki Genuine Gear tactical pants ($24.99) with a I.C.E. Performance Polo in LAPD navy ($36.99). And don’t forget a communication earpiece, body armor and the letters “FBI” in bright yellow.

6. EMT

Need to be saved from a costume crisis? As a first responder, you’ll get dibs on candy and treats this Halloween. Tools such as a stethoscope and a walkie-talkie make great accessories, but to really convince fellow revelers, step into EMT pants ($35.99) and pull on a Halo I high-visibility rain jacket ($209.99) along with an EMT polo ($33.99). Now all you need are flashing lights and a smoke machine, and you’ll be set.

7. Top Gun

Sweet aviator sunglasses paired with a sage green Nomex flight suit ($159.99) and some hardcore work boots are a perfect combination to recreate Maverick. Grab a boom box (or an iPhone), and enter every room with “Danger Zone” pouring from the speakers.


Prepare to battle any ghoul or goblin by joining the SWAT team. Suit up in olive BDU pants and a coat ($27.99 each) with a SWAT t-shirt ($10.99) underneath. Don’t skimp on SWAT gear—ballistic helmets, chest harnesses—anything to keep you safe in any haunted house.

What costume are you wearing this Halloween?

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