A Pink AK-47 Kind of Birthday

Pink might just be the new black. One of our readers, Brian Benson, sent us some pictures of his wife’s birthday gift—a custom-built Bulgarian AK-47. Although Hello Kitty might not be our typical cup-o-tea, this particular rifle may have converted a few of us.

Updated: The custom buttstock was hand-carved by Scott Bilger and the cerakote paint was applied by Dave Webster.


Not only does the butt stock display the famous feline, the bright rifle is outfitted with a bayonet. Pictured below, Susan walks in her shot. She takes aim at her targets (two 9-pound watermelons) from 75 yards away.

And with a little tanerite and a lot of skill, Susan obliterates her targets. Such delicious, fruity shrapnel.

Don’t be fooled by the pink exterior… guys don’t even mind shooting this gun. Brian poses with the hardcore, bubblegum-colored AK-47.

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7 Comments on “A Pink AK-47 Kind of Birthday

  1. Pink? Why do women have to ruin everything? That rifle disgusts me.

  2. That is so cool looking would love to see more pics of the details on the gun.

  3. Oooohhh le beau jouet…ah non c’est une arme comme celle d’Aurora mais rose….
    Bande de débile…amis américains, vous êtes des demeurés…

  4. This brings tears to my eyes! What a great nation. A pink AK47! My wife wants one to play with.

  5. Thanks for sending those pictures our way!

  6. I am proud to have a wife who is in to the same things I am and her custom AK-47 is just a small token of the appreciation that I owe her for being a special part of my life for over 20 years.
    To let others know the the custom buttstock was hand carved by Scott Bilger and the cerakote paint was applied by Dave Webster. I owe them a thanks for making her 40th very cool.

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