USAF Uniform Changes: Out with the Tan, In with the Sage Green

Prepare yourselves Air Force personnel. Nov.1, 2011 marks the phase out date for desert tan combat boots. That meansĀ sage green is the new tan.

Why the change?

“According to former Chief of Staff General Jumper, the sage green boot was introduced to compliment the low-maintenance theme of the Airman Battle Uniform,” says Ruth Ewalt of Air Force Uniform Programs and Policies. “The boots were intended to also be virtually maintenance-free.”

Unless approved by major command (MAJCOM) commanders, sage green footwear should be worn with the ABU. Black leather boots maybe approved for those working in industrial environments or with products or processes that could cause irreparable staining. Even in this event, you should probably own a pair of sage green boots for all other wear.

The sage green boots should be lace up with plain rounded toe or rounded capped toe with or without perforated seam. Safety toes are not required, and zipper or elastic inserts may be worn as long as they are without design.

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Ok, for those of you freaking out, take a deep breath and relax. Here at, we know you’re busy. Balancing your day-to-day duties can’t be easy, and time can get away from you. So, we can totally help you with your sage green boot dilemma.

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Men’s Sage Green Boots
Women’s Sage Green Boots

Mentioned previously, the phase out date for the Battle Dress Uniform (BDU) and the Desert Camouflage Uniform (DCU) happens very soon. Well, the same date as the tan boot phase out. Hey, the boots have to match the uniform right?

“As stated by the former Chief of Staff (in 2003), the switch was made to provide Airmen with one uniform that could satisfy our various climates and utility needs while eliminating the need for expensive dry cleaning, etc. in order to maintain a sharp, professional appearance,” states Ewalt.

The Airman Battle Uniform (ABU) will be replacing both the DCU and BDU. The Air Force suggests that military personnel purchase the new ABUs from the Army Air Force Exchange Stores and Military Clothing Sales Stores.

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For further elaboration on the Air Force uniform and general appearance guidelines, read this online handbook.

Picture of Airman lacing up boots via Scott* and soldier picking up ABUĀ Hollowman Air Force Base

What do you think of the new sage green requirement?

2 Comments on “USAF Uniform Changes: Out with the Tan, In with the Sage Green

  1. Unfortunately the ABU including the green boot is not a worthy military uniform. The AF did not listen to the feedback given to them when this uniform was tested and rushed a substandard and honeslty, embarrasing outfit to the service. The majority of Airman would love to ditch the entire uniform and start from scratch.

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