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Galco Ankle HolstersCommonly worn by law enforcement and military, ankle holsters let you conceal a secondary weapon with ease. There have been countless cases of primary weapons failing for whatever reason, which immediately creates a demand for a backup weapon.

While it will prevent a fast draw, especially if your pant legs are longer, an ankle holster gives that extra edge needed to take down a criminal. Some actually prefer wearing an ankle holster instead of wearing a shoulder or waist holster. The holster becomes exposed if a shirt is tucked in and will draw attention to the weapon. On the other hand, a good gun holster should remain concealed no matter what—whether you are standing up or sitting down.

Much like any other holster, ankle holsters can be made out of leather, plastic or even fabric for both shotguns and revolvers. These holsters generally range in price from $30 to $70. It is typically worn on the leg opposite to the hand you hold your pistol with. Galco, Fobus and Blackhawk all carry types of ankle holsters.

When you buy an ankle holster, there are two tests you can do to make sure it’s the right one for you, as demonstrated in the video below. First stand in front of a mirror with the holster strapped to the appropriate leg, and pull your pants leg down. If there is any bulkiness or signs of your weapon, consider another holster. If you are still having a concealment issues, perhaps choose a wider leg pant or a smaller pistol.

For the next test, sit down in a chair in front of a mirror. Again, if you see the telltale signs of bulkiness, try a different holster, pant or even weapon. It’s important that your ankle holster gives you complete concealment.

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