Apocalypse 2012: 6 Ways to Gear Up for the Fallout

Are you tough enough to survive 12/21/2012? We totally think you are, but it never hurts to have a nice stash of apocalypse-rated tactical gear at the ready. We selected some of our best-selling products that are designed to see you through most types of fallout.

Surviving any natural or man-made disaster requires attending to your basic needs. From hydration packs to protection essentials, there are a lot of bases you need to cover when you are stockpiling for impending doom. Even if you’re a bomb shelter short of full-on prepper status, you can still stand a chance against whatever foul thing might mean you harm.

Check out our recommendations that are worth adding to your survival cache.

1. Food

Obviously, one of the major survival points is food supply. You can run away from things if you don’t have the energy to stand. Even if you’re an expert hunter AND gatherer, chances are animals and edible plants will not be easily found. So if you’re not fluent in canning and dehydration, it’s best to stock up on some already-prepared options.

Pictured are the MREs.

5ive Star Gear Meals Ready-to-Eat are the perfect solution to on-the-run meals. These do not require water and are already cooked. The best part is that they do not necessitate refrigeration. You really don’t want to have to tow around a cooler do you? While they might not taste as good as campfire roasted venison, these MREs will get you through in a pinch.

2. Water

So you have boiled the bacteria and whatnot out of our water… now do you put it in that monster-sized water jug? No way! There are a ton of Camelbak hydration packs that will quench your thirst and carry those other tactical essentials.

Especially popular, the Motherlode has a leak-proof screw cap that keeps your gear from getting soggy. It holds up to three liters of H2O, which is just about what you’ll drink in a day. Additionally, this form of water delivery will not slow you down as it’s actually incorporated into the pack design. Stay hydrated, friends!

3. Shelter

In an ideal scenario, you would be able to hunker down in an old farmhouse or bomb shelter. Let’s face it though, you are probably going to have to be a nomad for a few years—at least until the flesh-eating undead have died off or the mutated human survivors have moved on.

Pictured is the 5ive Star Gear Snugpack Sleeper Lite Sleeping Bag.

However, wherever you might lay your head, you can fight off the bitter night chill with a sleeping bag. These can be conveniently rolled up and tied on to whatever pack you might be carrying. We even have camouflage patterns that help you blend into the background during those forest survival periods.

4. Protection

Again, you’ll be traveling a lot. If you’re lucky, it won’t be entirely on foot. Either way, you will want to shield your eyes from the sun with some heavy-duty sunglasses. The polarized styles ensure your peepers stay shaded from harmful rays.

Pictured is the Oakley SI Assault Glove.

You’ll also want avoid making skin contact with pretty much everything and everyone you come in contact with. Tactical gloves are both protective and tactile, meaning you’ll still be able to keep a firm grip on your gear. Many styles keep your knuckles protected as well. All of these features mean there’s less chance for hand lacerations and life-threatening infections.

5. Tools

You never know what the post-apocalyptic world might throw at you. It’s important to holster the right tools that will keep you securely at the top of the food chain. It’s always wise to carry a knife and a pocket tool. Whether you need to open those MREs or cut some paracord, the applications for a sharp-and-pointy are endless.

When your tools need to be even more multi-faceted, the Blackhawk HawkHook will rise to the challenge. This handy little tool does have the blade functionality, but can also double as a glass breaker and bottle opener. It’s the perfect tool if you happen across a case of Coronas while scavenging.

Image taken from modernsurvivalonline.com.

Last but certainly not least, you need a quality flashlight. Not only will it make your day-to-day doomsday survival easier, you’ll also find it’s a downright necessity for any night journeys. We suggest going with a battery-operated flashlight like the Streamlight Polytac LED Tactical, unless you have high hopes for electricity happening during the fallout. Another note, make sure to stock up on batteries.

6. Clothing

Rain, sleet and snow—you have no idea what the weather might do, so be prepared for all of it. Stay dry with this Tru-Spec rain parka and warm with any of our fleece jackets. The most effective way to maintain your core temperature is to layer up, so don’t be afraid to stock up on several shirts or some long bottoms.

Unless you’re trapped somewhere hot and tropical, you’ll want to opt for hardcore tactical pants instead of shorts. Not only do they offer protection from any underbrush or vegetation you might have to climb through, but you’ll have tons of pockets for additional storage of that gear you need to have within reach.

What are your doomsday survival plans? 

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