Army Unveils New Uniform Quality Control Program

In February 2015, the Army unveiled its plans for a new Uniform Quality Control Program (UQCP). The program will be launched this year by PEO Soldier in order to provide soldiers, Army leaders and industry manufacturers clarity on what optional-wear boot models are considered Army authorized.

In the 3rd fiscal quarter of 2015, PEO Soldier will post a list of boots that meet Army standards. To get on this list, boot manufacturers will have to submit boot materials to third-party labs in order to obtain necessary certifications. The certifications will then be passed along to Natick Soldier Research Development and Engineering Center (NSRDEC) along with samples of the boots. NSRDEC will make the final recommendation for approval or disapproval to PEO Soldier. PEO Soldier will generate a certificate number for every boot that will be eligible for three years.

In order to accommodate for new boot models, there will be semi-annual notices for new boots to be evaluated, and the list will be updated accordingly. This program will accompany the Army switch to coyote brown boots, so you won’t find any desert tan styles present on the list.

The list will serve as a tool for commanders to know which combat boots officially meet Army regulation. The Army was very clear that the UQCP does not supersede a commanding officer’s guidance.

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