Barefoot Training App Challenges Techies

Merrell is diving headfirst into the barefoot phenomenon.

Recently the hiking boot company introduced its new “glove” line for this fall. And today? They launched an iPhone app to assist newcomers to the minimalist sport.

Proclaiming March 2 as the official “Free Merrell Barefoot App Download Day,” the company aims to be featured on the “New and Noteworthy” section of the Apple iTunes store. Their goal is to have the most downloaded app in one day. With the Go Barefoot app, users will learn how to go barefoot with step-by-step training from experts.

Beginning with the basics, they will work on proper form, increase their speed and distance and apply barefoot training to their favorite sports and adventures. The app has more than 40 days of workouts, exercises and fitness challenges promising to prepare participants for a 1.5-mile barefoot run.


  • Learning proper foot strike, cadence and posture
  • Video clips, training instructions and tips
  • Time tracking capability with distance GPS
  • Barefoot playlist
  • Ability to share progress on Facebook

Finding the app is simple. Just visit the iTunes Store and search for Merrell Barefoot and select the Go Barefoot app. No worries — this is one of those free apps.

In its new line, Merrell has redefined the look and feel of running and trail shoes. New trail shoes for fall 2011 include the men’s Trail Glove (pictured at right) and the women’s Pace Glove. They have microfiber and breathable air mesh uppers with a flexible plate in the forefoot. The feather-light design protects feet from rocks and roots but doesn’t weigh down trailblazers.

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