Barneys New York Sells High-Priced Flight Suits?

For those who have always wanted to be a pilot, Barneys New York may have the flight suit for you. Although, if you prefer the real deal check out these flight suits, courtesy of Propper and Tru-Spec.

With a composition more comparable to a ball gown, the flight suit is made from silk taffeta. Zippers have been added to the chest, waist, thigh and sleeves. For a more fitted look, there are adjustable button tabs at the waist.

The designer behind the pricey silk masterpiece, Josephus Thimister, has only recently returned to the fashion scene with his “anti-war” collection. However, it would seem that he has idealized at least one cog of the war machine with this item.

While it isn’t flame retardant and serves no practical protective purposes, it is pretty swanky. But at $2,785, it had better be.

Josephus Thimister's take on the flight suit.

Have you seen any eccentric military-inspired fashion trends lately?

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