Best Gun Holster Tweets

If you’re tweeting about gun holsters, we’re listening. Not to creep you out, but to understand the holster-toting community just a little better. We’re keeping our ear to the ground and our eye on the tweets. Here’s just a peak at what we’ve been hearing…

@theBigsexy: Had a pretty good night! Watching Dexter playing with guns and looking for gun holsters online! What man fun!

@Farah_Kz: #Waystoannoypeople wearing gun holsters and putting the remote controllers in them!!! @Thisisjoej

@brian_hickey: Photo: I used to dress my dog up like a cowboy, with gun holsters and everything, but I never thought to…

@florido: @shefcgq yes! completely unnecessary; all he’s put in there so far is a gun and i’m pretty sure holsters were invented for a reason

@risbergz: homework… homework… homework i NEED those A’s badly – otherwise no party with the gun holsters:[

@alovething: @reluctantlemmng Sort of! He and Misha are going to wear gun holsters and fedoras. That’s pretty much all that matters.

@ChuckCash: Spy tip – Velcro gun-holsters, a big “no-no” for hit-men and assassins.

@Aville828: Gun show at the hampton convention center 2day. I’ve seen 20.00 tasers and 20.00 gun holsters

@leenakagawa: My buddy Sterling: “Just got the snuggie with gun holsters.” He’s the film loader. Working way too hard…

@mayhemindustry: HeidiTron. Complete with bedazzled gun holsters and Easy Bake Oven.

@crew54: I’m bout to make some homemade Crew54 Snuggies with built in gun holsters cuz we iGoons like that, who wants one, put in your orders now

@PrprincessB: @JustinMadness90 dont worry im sure ur gun has seen more holsters than my holster has seen any im more concern about my holster :p

@JustinMadness90: @PrprincessB how would you know how many holsters my gun has been to….. rofl what a convo xD

@glenihan: @paigeiam Well I see you made it home safely, despite driving through Kingman, where I’ve seen ppl walking around w/ gun holsters, lol.

@Rozanne_G: @studdastuffy *holsters gun* you’re safe this time.

To be like the aforementioned tweets, here’s a PowerPoint presentation on not-boring tweets. Prepare to be wowed.

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