Blackhawk by the Numbers

In the scheme of things, Blackhawk has only existed for a short period of time. Yet during the last 17 years, it has managed to work its way up to become a leader in tactical gear and equipment, outfitting members of the military and law enforcement industry.

  • 3,000 – The estimated number of products Blackhawk manufacturers including tactical armor, holsters, knives, weapon accessories and more.
  • 2004 – When the holster manufacture introduced the leather law enforcement holster line and the SERPA holster line.
  • 6160 – The address of Blackhawk headquarters on Commander Parkway in Norfolk, Va.
  • 2 – The amount of companies (Masters of Defense and Delta Design Group) acquired in 2003. Blackhawk also added two more companies in 2005, obtaining All Seasons Apparel and Wildfire Warrior.
  • 1993 – When Blackhawk was founded — in a garage — by former Navy Seal Mike Noell.
  • 4. 5 million – The number of results Google gives when searching “Blackhawk.”
  • 2007 – The year it entered the industrial security market.
  • 228 – The quantity of Blackhawk holsters offered on
  • 1995 – Blackhawk released its first catalog made with black line drawings on a copy machine.
  • 44,230 – Times that people have viewed the following video about Blackhawk’s SERPA level 3 retention holster.

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