Boot Breakdown: The NIKE SFB and NIKE SFB Field

Footwear is where NIKE excels, and its tactical line is no exception. The brand made its debut into the market with the Safety Field Boot (SFB). Then in early 2014, it released the SFB Field. Both boots have a similar handsome cut and are built for the same purpose. However, there are some key differences that set these two styles apart.


The Nike SFB was designed with speed in mind, and the result is the lightest, highest-mobility tactical boot the brand has ever made. Fast-drying, flexible and featherweight, NIKE SFBs feel more like a pair of athletic shoes than a boot. Even though they weigh in at just 16.1 ounces , they don’t skimp on durability. These boots boast a scuff-resistant exterior and specially designed tread. The outsole boasts eight small laterally divided valleys NIKE calls flex zones, which work together to create an agile sole.



Due to the SFB’s wide-spread popularity, NIKE developed and launched the updated SFB Field. The company took customer feedback and changed some key aspects of the boot. Just like the SFB, the SFB field is lightweight and quick-drying. However, it boasts an all-new tread design that adds a little bit of weight to the shoe. It features an internal rock shield that not only adds aggressiveness and stability, but protects the shoe from abrasion and puncture. To top off the extraordinary tread innovations, a textured arch design allows for better grip when climbing ropes and ladders.

NIKE SFB on the left, SFB Field on the right.

NIKE SFB on the left, SFB Field on the right.

Even though the SFB Field is slightly heavier at 16.7 oz., the boot offers optimized breathability. Mesh areas have been extended towards the toe of the foot, where heat typically gets trapped. Leather lace loops and reinforced cloth ankle support reduces hotspots on those high-stress areas of the foot.

NIKESFBFIELDWhat do you think of the SFB and the SFB Field? Let us know in the comment section below.

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