Bronzing Your Military Boots

Whether you’ve scaled the mountains of Afghanistan or weaved your way through the chaotic streets of Iraq, chances are the boots you wore during those times hold some sentimental value. And if they do, you might want to preserve and maybe even display them.

By bronzing combat boots, your former footwear transforms into a keepsake that can be passed down for generations. The process keeps the boot from disintegrating and gives it a polished antique look. It also creates something that can be put on display for many years to come.

So, where does one go to get boots bronzed? There might be some local shops that specialize in creating these items.

The ABC Bronzing Co. makes it easy to get boots bronzed online. You just mail your boots to the company, and six to eight weeks later you will receive a perfectly bronzed pair. For adult boots, it costs $199.95 per pair (or $102.95 unmounted) and a little extra if the boot needs shoe laces.

And for those DIY-ers out there, you can also try to bronze the boots yourself, though it might be a little on the messy side.

You can care for your bronzed boots by wiping them with a soft, dry cloth. ABC Bronzing Co. recommends not using polish on cleaners as they will destroy the layer that preserves the finish. Although this video (below) isn’t about bronzing combat boots, it takes you through the same step-by-step the boots undergo. And it also has marvelous background music.

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8 Comments on “Bronzing Your Military Boots

  1. Giving my husband a retirement party and want to bronze his boots. What do I need to do?

  2. I’m planning on having you bronze my Vietnam combat boots. I would like to know how wheel the boot’s would hold up outside or is there additional pros says you can do to make them weather proof?

    I would also like to know if you can bronze a standard Military Utility Hat to be hung over the butt of a M 16 rifle?

    What does it mean when you mount the boots?

  3. I’m looking to have a Marine Corps Utility Hat , a pair of combat Boots, and a Viet Nam Eire M-16 rifle Bronzed all to be used as a as an outdoor memorial piece

  4. I would like my son’s combat boots that he wore in Afghanistan bronzed.

  5. My son just came back from Afghanistan and wants his military boots shiny bronze done to his boots. What would the cost of that be without being mounted. Thanks for response in advance.

  6. is who I would trust to bronze boots- but remember electroplated boots by any company can not be used as an outdoor memorial piece, it will not hold up to weather changes.

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