Camo Weddings: The Best Cakes, Dresses & More

Live, eat, breathe in camouflage? Now you can get married in it, too. From the wedding party attire to the rings — every wedding detail can be camouflaged out. With wedding season just around the corner and a royal wedding already underway, here are a few ideas to get you started on your path to a hunter’s dream ceremony.

The Dresses

Camo Formal Winter Camouflage Dress

The bride-to-be’s first concern is that dress hits the bullseye. It is the focal point (or target if you will) of the day, you know, after all that love and marriage stuff. One company dedicated to camouflage weddings, Camo Formal, offers a selection of wedding gowns.


Camo Formal Wedding Dress

Let’s not forget the bridesmaids. Combing camo and rhinestones, the strapless floor-length dress should make any outdoorsy girl happy.

Camo Formal Bridesmaid Dress

If the mothers want to get in on themed wedding fun, Camo Formal also has a few options for these ladies. Nice little camo jacket, Mama!

Camo Formal Mother’s Outfit

The Tuxes

Now on to the men. It wouldn’t be a wedding without a groom.  This photo was found on Rue the Day who wasn’t so found of the camo. Although you might not be able to find these tuxes in stores, you could always beg grandma work her sewing machine magic.

Just some guys in camo, ready to get their wedding on.

The Rings

Bling and camouflage? What else could a girl want! Errr … and a guy … Check out these lovelies from Camo Ring.

Camo Ring Set From Camo Ring

The Cake

You won’t have to worry about Uncle Frank slipping a piece before the cake cutting — he won’t be able to find it! These camouflaged cakes will blend into the background until you are ready to serve it up to guests.

Nothing says “I love you” like a buck, doe topped cake.

A more traditional take on camo cake.

There are also a number of table settings available throughout the Web. Check out this Camo Formal table setting.

A table set for a …. hunter.

The Miscellaneous

Right. So if you haven’t noticed, you can get absolutely anything you could ever need for a wedding in camo. Even smaller details like the bouquet and the shoes aren’t safe from the woodland pattern.

Camo Formal bouquet

Camo Formal Strappy Heels

Happy planning and don’t forget about the honeymoon!

Camouflage crazed? Have you been to a camo wedding?

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  1. Oh boy Brooke…you are way to young to get married. Breaks my heart to see people at 19 or 20 get married . At that age you haven’t experienced life yet or relationships. There is so much out there in the world that people need to experience before marriage. I didn’t get married until I was 32 and so glad I waited. Good luck 🙂

  2. Hi Tracey! You’ll have to talk to your local cake designers. Sorry, wish we could be of more help!

  3. Hello i would like the cake with the buck n doe on it with the fall leaves for my wedding. Im getting married March 26, 2016 where can i get it? Please help. Thank u.

  4. i would like to have the camo and white one of you still have it for a beauty pageant

  5. I love the dresses and shoes. Also the cake with the dears is awesome. How would I get the Price’s to order what I want? And I would like to see all of the decorations as well. Do you have wedding invitations to? Can’t wait to hear back from you

    Thank you so much,

  6. Where could you get that deer head weeding topper? My mom had been looking for it for months now.

  7. I was wondering the price of the mothers formal outfit camo.

  8. If you could please send me a price list of the wedding dresses and where I could get them. Thank you for your time.

  9. I would like to get some prices on a camo wedding dress and a brides maid dress and a 2 camo vest

  10. Hi we are having the cake made that you show a picture of with the buck and doe on top we were wanting to know we’re we can find it at

  11. hey theres so many things I am getting married in 2015 in the summer time and were doing a camo wedding too there is so many ideas on google that’s where I am getting most of mine but my wedding ring is gonna be pink camo my engment ring is also pink camo and u see I am olny 20 yrs old and my fincne is in the marines and hes 19 we will be high school sweethearts we been together since 6 grade belive it or not I found the one I wanna be with and we where friends since we where born we r only a yr apart but really our birthdays r in the sam month but I have some pretty good ideas for ur camo wedding I will give u some of my ideas

  12. Hey Morgan why don’t you just shut the hell up! All because you might not be able to afford it doesn’t mean other people can’t! Don’t be a hater.

  13. Love your comments – thank you SO MUCH! I was actually in a silly mood and looking at horrendous outfits for my upcoming wedding. A combination of the pictures and your message really brightened my day.

  14. First,
    I am pretty sure by the spelling and grammar, that most of you couldn’t afford half of the items posted.
    Secondly, the ‘topper’ everyone seems to want because ‘they are SOOO redneck / country’ is two males, and I am all for two people who love one another getting married, but I am PRETTY sure I am right in assuming 99.99% of the above posts are by uneducated people marrying other uneducated people who have no idea about the large open world out there, and are probably homophobic.
    Thirdly, the pictures are linked, why not read (if you can) and find out where the items can be purchased that way!??
    Just some thoughts.

  15. You can also get great camo wedding and camo prom items at My niece bought her dress and accessories for her camo wedding there.

  16. i have tried to find the buck/doe cake topper everywhere for our cake and have had no luck. Can u tell me where to get it and how much it is?

  17. im looking for a white camo dress suit any ideas where i can buy one

  18. yes i would?i have been looking at some Camouflage dresses….

  19. I’m so glad I’m not the only one that noticed that!

  20. How many men will be seeing these beautiful buck and “doe” cake toppers for the first time when they’re surrounded by happy family and friends, clicking away with their cameras and expecting pure joy from the groom? At that point, boys, you’ll already be married and it’ll be too late to change your mind about marrying a woman who doesn’t know the difference between a doe and a little baby buck! 😉

    Happy weddings, y’all!

  21. I’d be leary of the cake topper of the buck and doe since a doe does not have antlers. It’s almost comical that the people who designed that cake topper did not realize that. Our families are filled with hunters and would all look at us like we were crazy since they know a doe does not have antlers.

  22. My SO wants CAMO SOOOOOOOO bad! Oh my idk what to do i love camo but a wedding?? i guess im willing to compermise but…. not my dress tux and bridesmaids and cake yes but what to do for diceraction?????????? HELP!

  23. I am doing a camo wedding i have my dress picked out from camo formal but my fiance doesnt like there camo suit jacket can anyone tell me where i can find one at a reasonable price. and i also am interested in the cake with the deer on top but would prefer a buck and a doe not a buck and spike horn and would like purple icing around the rings. if you can tell me of any other sites that sell the decorations and everything else in camo and purple it would be greatly appreciated. i live in cortlandny and am not sure if there are any stores around me that sell anything for a camo themed wedding and i am getting married this summer and still need lots of stuff

  24. I want all of that i can’t wait till i get married!!!! 🙂

  25. I love this whole theme. When my fiance mentioned to me that we wanted a camo wedding i didn’t think it would be as elegant as the pictures you have provided make it look. I hope you do not mind that the ideas will probably be used in my own wedding as they are adorable.

  26. I am also interested in this cake topper , I can find the buck but not the doe and plan on getting married in JUne , so if any one knows where I can find this topper please email me , thank you

  27. I’m getting married and im having a all camo wedding and I need some ideas

  28. would like to get prices on the white camo dresses

  29. um… does anyone realize that is a Buck with a spiked buck? not a buck and a doe?? I’m sure those that like a camo wedding would love a same sex deer cake

  30. where did the camo edible wrap on the cake come from

  31. Where did the edible camo cake wrap come from I need one for a wedding cake in may 2013

  32. Hello I’m looking for that cake topper I’m getting married in July and was wondering where I can find that so I can get it.

  33. I love your rings and our cake with the deer on it how much isthe rings and the cake

  34. Where can I order the camo ring set? I have looked everywhere and cant find a place to order them i find the pictures everywhere but noplace to order them please help me!!!!!

  35. does any one know where i can purchase the buck and doe cake topper that is found on this web site. I have looked everywhere and don’t know what else to do? its so pretty with just the buck and the doe’s busts on top of a camo cake with the fall leaves.. please help

  36. Wish I woulda known bout this site when me and my husband did our camo wedding!!!

  37. Requesting information about purchasing the Buck and Doe wedding cake topper. The wedding is Saturday Nov 24, 2012. Please reply ASAP. Thank you so much.

  38. how much is the ring for his and much is the cake with the deers.can it have a buck and a doe.

  39. Can you tell me how much the rings in the cake is With the deers

  40. Our business is licensed to sell wholesale to shops, and we now have 10 shops around the country that carry our ATOC CAMO DESIGNS line. Go to this link on our website and see the list: We would like to get at least one shop in every state carrying our camo line of items, so that customers are NOT limited to buying over the internet. If I can help anyone, just get in touch with me. JoAnne

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  42. There used to be a place called Formals ETC in shreveport,la. but they closed down go to their web site to look at camo dresses & other things. the only store i know still around is in alexandria, la. but when i wen to the store here they didnt have the dresses they had other camo things there but no dresses (it was a small store) so cthey had to take my measurements to make the dress. just thought this infomation could be helpful. and i would also like to know where to get a camo cake & how much.

  43. i love the cake withn the 2 deer heads on it thats the cake i want when i get maried if he country he an’t mine thats all i got to say shoot!!!

  44. I am getting mine at camo formal, they are good prices and they have some really cute ones. Getting my maid of honors from there also!

  45. I have the same question as someone else about the cakes. Second cake but orange trim with deer toppers and a price.

  46. how much do the dresses cost i want on

  47. I have a friend who is getting married and would like to know where to get the wedding dress with the camo. and how much they cost. thanks

  48. I have found a few places online but no axual stores that you can go to and try on the dress first. are 2 i found and they both have dresses like what u decribed.

  49. hey my name is sandra and i have just got engaged im looking for a white dress with camo in no orange or anything im 19 years old not the skinnyest and very top heavy im looking for a dress and good ideas please email me with more infrormation thank you

  50. I just want a cake for my birthday like that.(:

  51. Im getting married October 19th 2013 please email me and we can discuss somethings, thank you!

  52. Where do you find dresses like that!?! I love them!! And those shoes!! I want a pair! I am getting married October 27 2012 Please email me as soon as possible thanks!!

  53. yes i am getting married on July 21, 2012 and i like the camo wedding cake the second one that looks real but im curious if i got it could sum changes be made to it. like the rings of icing around the edg of the cake, instead of it being green icing could it be orange? and for the cake topper i would much rather have the deer on top like on the first cake. And very interested in wat a price would be for that cake if u could please email me back as soon as possible thank u!

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