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History of Tactical Pants

The story behind tactical pants isn’t such a long journey after all. Discover the history behind the pants, why it was first created and how it has evolved through the years.

The Tactical Style

The styling of tactical pants is probably their most distinguishing feature. They have a rugged, technical look that screams tactical operator. Combining a pair of tactical pants with Oakley shades conjures up images of an elite special forces… Read More

Not Your Daddy’s Tactical Cargo Pants

U.S. Cavalry breaks down a pair of 5.11 Cargo Pants. 511 Tatical Pants Feature Guide U.S. Cavalry reviews Warrior Wear Tactical Pants by Blackhawk.

Tactical Trousers by Propper

About Propper Propper is unwavering in our commitment to outfit members of the United States Armed Forces, law enforcement professionals and first responders serving on the front lines with only the highest quality apparels. Since 1967, we have… Read More