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Which Mil-Spec Monkey patch would you rock?

“Monkey,” as he is known by his friends, says he has always had an interest in the military. However, instead of enlisting he went to college, where he developed a specialized skill-set in video game-art and [...]

Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Tactical Man

Valentine’s Day is coming at you fast. We talk the gifts tactical men actually want. Fellas, take note, and share this to give a not-so-subtle hint to your significant other. [...]

Tactical Resolutions for 2014

Dominate the new year with our 2014 resolutions. These aren’t your ordinary resolutions though. Each one is inspired by tactical and military professionals. [...]

Integrated Training: Where Can You Find It?

Where can you find the type of training that brings together firearm techniques with empty-hand defense? Guest author Kevin Creighton explores the possible benefits of letting those two worlds collide. [...]

7 Bizarre Crimes of 2012

Last year was full of really weird crime headlines. From outrageous to creepy, there were some strange happenings across the nation. We selected some of the most circulated and ridiculous stories. Read on to check them [...]

Apocalypse 2012: 6 Ways to Gear Up for the Fallout

Could you survive the apocalypse? You will when you are armed with our top-notch tactical gear. From hydration packs to quality clothing, we have all your basic needs covered. Check out our recommendations for your doomsday [...]

A Pink AK-47 Kind of Birthday

We don't usually publish what our readers send us, but this pink AK-47 caught our fancy. Our friend, Brian, submitted pictures of his wife's birthday gift. And we had to publish them. Don't be fooled by [...]

Contest: Best Training Tip Wins a Suunto Ambit

In partnership with Suunto, TacticalGear.com is hosting a contest to win the industry's hottest watch, the Ambit. Recently launched, the wristwatch is in such high demand that it has sold out on many websites. For a [...]

What Gun Owners Do

It's the infamous "What I Do" meme, tactical style. We spent a few minutes poking around in Photoshop to determine exactly "What Gun Owners Do." Do you agree? Be sure to let us know! [...]

12 Tactical Resolutions for 2012

Ring in 2012 with a ton of awesome tactical resolutions. Stumped on what you should work towards this new year? No worries. We've compiled a extensively researched list of goals for you. Read on for our [...]