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Are Your Military Boots Hungry?

Aside from protecting feet from all the extreme elements, some have found new (and fairly unusual) uses for their military boots. Namely, they “feed” their boots delicious foodstuffs, and, well, other not-so-delicious items — hungry for a keyboard… Read More

Military Boots Go Virtual in Sims 3

For those of you game geeks, a new and rather sexy pair of military boots debuted last month for the Sims 3. That’s right: Military boots for both men and women have been reinvented for the game that… Read More

Six Tactical Pants Halloween Costumes

As SmartMoney doles out tips on how to cut Halloween costs, we thought it’d be helpful to show how you can use the tactical pants you already own to put together a real badass, potentially frightening costume. Take… Read More

Amazon Kindle DX

What’s one of the only garments in the world that can accomodate Amazon’s Kindle DX in the back pocket? Tactical Pants, what else? Kindle DX Review in the Chicago Sun-Times.

Don’t Call it a Comeback

If you pay any attention to the tactical gear market, you’ve noticed a recent resurgence in tactical pants popularity. What’s the innovation driving this new found popularity? Chalk it up to new, lightweight fabrics.   The knock on… Read More