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Mad About MultiCam

We’re just mad about MultiCam! It’s not hard to see why – it’s quickly becoming the most popular camouflage pattern out there. We’ve even put together a list of our customer’s favorites, from shoes, pants, packs and so much more. Read on to check out the spotlighted items.

A Pink AK-47 Kind of Birthday

We don’t usually publish what our readers send us, but this pink AK-47 caught our fancy. Our friend, Brian, submitted pictures of his wife’s birthday gift. And we had to publish them. Don’t be fooled by the girly finish, this gun packs a whopper of a punch. Read on for more pictures.

How To: Bake a Camo Cake

We gathered the best easy-to-follow camo cake recipes on the web. Make the sweet and stealthy treats for your next gathering!

Contest: Best Training Tip Wins a Suunto Ambit

In partnership with Suunto, is hosting a contest to win the industry’s hottest watch, the Ambit. Recently launched, the wristwatch is in such high demand that it has sold out on many websites. For a chance to win this timepiece, share your best advice for training outdoors in the comments section of this post.

Vintage Hunting Boots

Gone are the days when you could take on a hunting trip with a knife in your pocket and a gun in your hand. These days, it’s all about the latest gadgets and technologies to keep you comfortable. We’ve gathered some nostalgic photos of hunters in the good ol’ days. A lot sure has changed since then!

What Soldiers Do

The “What I Do” meme has hit its tipping point. We couldn’t resist creating our own version of “What Soldiers Do.” Check it out, and let us know what your version would look like.

What Gun Owners Do

It’s the infamous “What I Do” meme, tactical style. We spent a few minutes poking around in Photoshop to determine exactly “What Gun Owners Do.” Do you agree? Be sure to let us know!

What Hikers Do

There’s another Internet meme going around. But this time? It’s personal. Well, we kinda made it personal. Check out the hiking version of the “What I Do” meme. You will not be disappointed.

What Hunters Do

We’ve seen these “What People Think I Do” memes around the internet this week, so we thought we’d get in on the action. Check out our version: What Hunters Do!

Wild Game Feast of the Year

What’s the best way to get donations from hunters? Offering a buffet of the tastiest, most inventive wild game dishes! staffer Dan Lamb had a chance to enjoy a mouth-watering feast and help raise money for the shooting sports.