Category: Q+A

Q&A with David Rogers from The Mission Continues

We sat down with the fellowship program director of The Mission Continues to chat about the rapidly growing nonprofit and its impact on post-9/11 veterans.

Q&A with Soldier Systems Daily

Tactical and military gear expert Eric Graves gives us a glimpse of what’s on his holiday wishlist this season. Can you guess which gear he wants the most? Discover his faves.

Q&A: James Duff of National Police Car Archives

Have you ever wondered what cop cars look like across the nation? Ponder no more! National Police Car Archives maintains a extensive online collection of police vehicles throughout the country. We were lucky enough to talk to the founder, James Duff, and find out the backstory behind the website.

Unseen Justice: Talking to the Man Behind the Graphic Novel

We talk to John Prince, the author/creator of the graphic novel Unseen Justice. He tells us about what inspired the plot and characters. He also shares a little bit about his own background as a corrections officer that lead him to create the LEO-based graphic novel.

Meet the Man Behind Huntography

Thanks to smart phones and social media, hunters have the ability to communicate straight from the stands, opening a new chapter of the way they interact. We went behind the scenes with Rudy from to find out what the Huntography movement is all about and how it got started.

Meet The Man Behind ‘Mr. Outdoors’

Columnist Seabury Blair Jr. has been hitting the trails for more than a quarter of a century. During that time, there’s no doubt he’s learned a thing or two about exploring the great outdoors. Find out what we gleaned from this seasoned hiker.

CCW Fashion & Firearms: A Chat with Gun Blogger Shawn Thompson

We chat with Shawn Thompson, a gun blogger who was recently interviewed by the New York Times for a concealed carry piece. Thompson shares his extensive firearms background, talks about his go-to concealed weapon and describes his favorite CCW apparel. Read on for the full interview.

Q&A with Huntress and Author Georgia Pellegrini

From the field to the kitchen, Georgia Pellegrini spends her days hunting and foraging for new wild game recipes. We caught up with the author to chat about her latest book, “Girl Hunter: Revolutionizing the Way We Eat, One Hunt at a Time.”

Man Hiking Appalachian, Ozark Trails for Charity

To raise money for abused kids, Michael McLaughlin set out in late February to take on the Appalachian Trail and the Ozark Trail back-to-back. Discover how the 31-year-old trained for this adventure of a lifetime.

Q&A with Hunting Goddess Melissa Bachman

We went behind the scenes with North American TV’s Melissa Bachman. This girl is serious about her bow-hunting, turning passion into career and making it big in the outdoor industry. Read on to learn more about this hardcore hunter.