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Q&A with David Rogers from The Mission Continues

We sat down with the fellowship program director of The Mission Continues to chat about the rapidly growing nonprofit and its impact on post-9/11 veterans. [...]

Q&A with Soldier Systems Daily

Tactical and military gear expert Eric Graves gives us a glimpse of what’s on his holiday wishlist this season. Can you guess which gear he wants the most? Discover his faves. [...]

Q&A: James Duff of National Police Car Archives

Have you ever wondered what cop cars look like across the nation? Ponder no more! National Police Car Archives maintains a extensive online collection of police vehicles throughout the country. We were lucky enough to talk [...]

Unseen Justice: Talking to the Man Behind the Graphic Novel

We talk to John Prince, the author/creator of the graphic novel Unseen Justice. He tells us about what inspired the plot and characters. He also shares a little bit about his own background as a corrections [...]

CCW Fashion & Firearms: A Chat with Gun Blogger Shawn Thompson

We chat with Shawn Thompson, a gun blogger who was recently interviewed by the New York Times for a concealed carry piece. Thompson shares his extensive firearms background, talks about his go-to concealed weapon and describes [...]

The Rundown on Under Armour’s Latest Tactical Boot

Hunters and tactical operators can agree on the awesomeness of one thing... Under Armour's Speed Freek. To get an insider scoop on the boots, Tactical Gear News scored an interview with Bryan Offutt, the director of [...]

All Things Self-Defense: Q&A with the Real Vic

So many methods of self-defense, so little time. That doesn't keep people from learning new styles. Just ask Vic who runs the 5 Rings Tactical blog. For more info on this police officer/martial arts instructor read [...]

Talking Guns with a Taco Aficionado

Self-proclaimed taco expert Jay knows more than where you can find the world's best taco stands. A former member of the U.S. Navy, he also has a passion for guns. Enlisting the use of humor, he [...]

Police Training: Kevin Manz Talks Mountain Bikes

Kevin Manz, training coordinator for Police Mountain Bike Training talks about his niche program. With increasing gas prices and environmental concerns, more police departments are considering the option of bike cops. [...]

Q&A: Tactical Clothing Designer Dan Bergeron

What does the future of tactical gear look like? We asked Dan Bergeron, who has been designing tactical and outdoors apparel and packs for over a decade. [...]