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Tactical Talk: A Police Wife’s Mrs. Fuzz

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we decided to investigate what life is like as the spouse of a police officer. And there’s no better person to ask than Mrs. Fuzz. Her husband Hot Fuzz (both names… Read More

Tactical Talk: Everyday EMS Tips’ Greg Friese

If you’ve ever been in need of useful advice, Greg Friese is at your service. His site Everyday EMS Tips dispenses useful advice on a daily basis. Many of his tips — penned by him or his corral… Read More

Tactical Talk: Houston Police Department’s Mike McCoy

In March 2008, Officer Mike McCoy set up a blog for the Houston Police Department. Little did he know that he’d garner a devoted readership, local media attention and a steady stream of new recruits during the next… Read More

Tactical Talk: The Happy Medic

You’d think working long hours at one of the nation’s busiest fire departments in San Francisco would take its toll. But not for one paramedic. His blog moniker says it all: Happy Medic. Yes, despite pointless calls and… Read More

Tactical Talk: Hott Cops

It’s no secret that women love men in uniforms. Nobody knows that better than Rebecca, creator of Hott Cops, a blog that chronicles ever-so-handsome men (and women!) in blue. Since launching more than three years ago, Hott Cops… Read More

Tactical Talk: Cop in the Hood Author Peter Moskos

Harvard grad Peter Moskos spent a year as a cop on Baltimore’s mean streets. This experience is the basis for both his popular police blog, Cop in the Hood, and his book published in 2008 under the same… Read More

Tactical Talk: Steven “Kelly” Grayson

After 15 years in the emergency services field, Steven “Kelly” Grayson has seen it all. Lucky for us, he loves to write about all he’s seen. Author of two memoirs and the popular blog A Day in the… Read More

Tactical Talk: The Philosophical Cop

The Philosophical Cop, know better to readers simply as PC, has been blogging anonymously about life on the force on for a year and a half. While he doesn’t post often (about once a month), his entries always… Read More

Tactical Talk: Bryan Fass on EMT Fitness

Top paramedic blogger Bryan Fass wants you to shape up. But you don’t have to go at it alone: He’s created a specialized workout program just for EMTs. After 12 years of clinical sports medicine and spine rehabilitation,… Read More

Q&A with Jason Klass, Gear Talk

For two years, Jason Klass has been updating the world on the latest and greatest trekking equipment at Gear Talk. Mr. Klass tells us about his favorite gear brands, his most memorable hike and more. How long have… Read More