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Danner TFX GTX Review

Many know by now that Danner makes the recommend-to-your-friend kind of boots. For those who still aren’t believes, watch a video review that will brush aside any lingering doubts.

Magnum 8-inch Spider 8.1 Urban Review

Our customer relations associate steps into a rugged pair of Magnum’s latest. Did she experience maximum comfort and style? Learn more as she reviews the 8” Spider 8.1 Urban boots.

Women’s Hi-Tec Soledad Review

While she didn’t make it to any trails, our customer relations associate wore Hi-Tec’s Soledad during everyday tasks like walking her 70-pound dog. How did they perform?

Women’s Hi-Tec Altitude Glide Review

We outfitted a seasoned hiker from our staff in one of Hi-Tec’s most popular women’s boots. She recounts her trekking and scrambling experience while sporting the new boots.

MOLLE Belts: Infidel War Belt Review

“Batman doesn’t have anything on this with his little puny utility belt.” At least that’s the case according to Don, better known as Sootch00 on YouTube. He took a good, hard look at the MOLLE belt ($89.95) made… Read More

Giveaway + Review: Women’s Magnum 8” Stealth Force SZ WPi

It’s the final week for our Magnum Comment to Win Contest. If you haven’t scored FREE boots yet, this is your last chance. Find out how to get your hands on a pair.

Giveaway + Review: Men’s Magnum 8” Stealth Force SZ

Looking for free boots? Well, you’ve come to the right spot. Join us as we enter the third week of FREE boots from Magnum, and take a closer look at one of its popular men’s options.

Clamp On Belt Clip

Giveaway + Review: Women’s Magnum 6” Response II

This week we discover the pros and cons of a Women’s Magnum boot. What would you do with this free pair of new boots? Tell us and win!

Review: Magnum Precision Ultra Lite WPi

Our Comment to Win Contest commences with a review of Magnum’s Precision Ultra Lite WPi. Be sure to comment on this review for a chance to win your own FREE pair.

6 Essential Military Gear Critics

Reading online reviews is akin to being led across the street wearing a blindfold. You instill a great deal of trust in a publication or a single critic. They could give a product a five-star, standout review. Yet… Read More