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How to Make a (Cheap) Ghillie Suit [Video]

Ghillie suits take woodland camo a step further. One of the most intense forms of camouflage, the suit does more than mask your location. In fact, some suits can mimic the surroundings. How so? With enough extra foliage… Read More

Hiking Boot Review: Women’s St Moritz Luxe 200

Just in time for the yuckiest winter in decades, we slipped into a pair of Hi-Tec’s St Moritz Luxe 200. With comfort and insulation being a top priority, these winter hiking boots most certainly fit the bill. The… Read More

December’s Top 5 Gear Review Videos

We tapped the wires, bugged the phones, implanted tracking devices … all of which was pretty pointless because unearthing the best tactical gear video reviews this month was simple. All the usual suspects — Gear Geeks, Tacticalgearhead, Mil-Spec… Read More

5.11 ATAC Shield Boot Review

Jake over at Gear Geek’s recently posted a very detailed review of 5.11 Tactical’s ATAC Shield Boot, which is a full-grain leather boot that comes in black and retails for about $159.99. Jake’s pair, which is almost two… Read More

Maxpedition Sitka GearSlinger Review

Who needs all that tactical pant storage when you’re wearing a Maxpedition Sitka GearSlinger on your back? Tactical Gearhead recently demonstrated just how spacious it can be, especially when you’re carrying a mix of smaller and larger items…. Read More