Category: Tactical Gear Reviews

Review: Magnum’s New RD Shirt

Magnum’s Rapid Deployment apparel line is due out next month. Our wear testers received the first batch of the new line and couldn’t wait to slip into the new 100% cotton ripstop gear.

Review: Magnum RD Tactical Utility Pant

We spotted them at SHOT Show, and now they’re sitting on our desk. See how Magnum’s tactical pants debut is shaping up when we outfit one of our staff members in the new Rapid Deployment Tactical Utility Pant.

Review: WT Tactical Soft Shell Jacket

On warm days that turn cool and rainy, a soft shell jacket can be ideal to repel the elements. We take a look at Wild Things (WT) Tactical’s spin on the soft shell with a detailed review and pictures.

Review: Tactical Pants Go for a Ski

What happens when tactical pants hit the slopes? We tested out a pair on a weekend ski trip to Lake Tahoe. Find out if they made it past the bunny slopes.

Review: Women’s 5.11 Tactical Pants

Have you ever found a pair of women’s tactical pants that fit just right? This week we hear from someone who discovered just that by wear testing a pair of ladies 5.11 trousers.

Review: Magnum Spider 8.1 Tac Spec HPI

Magnum’s new and aggressive Tac Spec boot was especially made for elite operators. Find out what we thought of Magnum’s latest assault boot after wear-testing it.

5.11 Taclite Pro Pant Video Review

If you’re a tactical pants connoisseur like us, you’ve probably sampled a pair of 5.11’s Taclite Pro Pant. Watch footage from another tac pants fan who has a lot to say about the lightweight trousers.

LAPG Operator Pants Video Review

Wondering if LA Police Gear operator pants really fit the bill? Check out this video review from a big proponent of the bargain brand. But how do they stack up to the equally as affordable Genuine Gear pants? Join us on a quest to find out.

Ultimate Bed Holster Review

After we questioned the reliability of the Velcro on the Ultimate Bed Holster, the makers were quick to defend it—even going out of their way to send us a complimentary copy. We won’t redact our previous concerns of… Read More

Blackhawk I.T.S. Pant Review

Even with an integrated tourniquet system and a unique fabric blend, Blackhawk I.T.S. Pants couldn’t be saved. Find out why the tactical pants were discontinued and where you can find the I.T.S. technology now.