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How Long Do Military Boots Last?

When you’re throwing down some major dough on a sturdy pair of combat boots, what’s going to be the ROI on those suckers? The major consensus online is that it comes down three things: quality, maintenance and what… Read More

Recession Boosts Military Enrollment

Although economic hard-times haven’t been so great for some, the U.S. Military’s recruitment office is riding a wave of success. Actually, this year will mark the first time it’s been able to meet enlistment goals since 1973, when… Read More

Danner Recrafting

If you’re familiar with Danner boots, you know that they represent top quality materials and legit craftsmanship. Old world craftsmanship. Their boots are the kind of thing that once you have them broken in, you probably won’t want… Read More

Military Boots in the Mainstream

If you’ve seen the new Terminator Salvation, it’s hard to miss Christian Bale’s badass Oakley S.I. Assault boots.  These boots are adapted from the same ones used by the U.S. special forces.  They retail for $175, and can… Read More

Military Boots – A Primer

A look at early military boots, according to Wikipedia… The first soldiers to have been issued boots were the foot soldiers of the Roman legions, who wore hobnail boots called caligae to war. During the English Civil War… Read More