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Rocky Announces S2V Jungle Boot

Rocky recently released information about its new S2V Jungle Boot… but just the very basic details. Check out how Rocky team members and a military unit worked together to create the next big jungle combat boot.

WT Tactical Branded Boots Now on International Market

WT Tactical CEO Ed Schmults recently signed a licensing agreement with the Jordanian Company. WT Tactical will soon be marketing and selling its branded footwear internationally. Read on for more information on the company and the release date of the line.

Magnum Boots Launches Blog, Gear Giveaway

Love those Magnum boots something fierce? Well now you have the chance to keep up-to-date on all its breaking news and product releases. To celebrate the exciting launch, the company is holding a super cool giveaway with a prize package worth over $1,000. Read more for further details.

Summer Release: Oakley Water Combat Boots

The rumors of the Oakley water combat boot are true! The military boot is reported to be released at some point this summer. The maritime footwear features screened holes for water drainage and sole made for traversing wet conditions. Check out some of the cool colors the footwear is available in.

Wellco Hybrid Hikers Conquer Mountains

Designed for mountain combat, the Wellco Hybrid Hiker is built to perform in the roughest of terrains and withstand the toughest elements. The Berry Compliant option provides another option for boots that are used in rocky terrain.

Bates Footwear Joins The Boot Campaign

Bates Footwear has partnered with the Boot Campaign, which provides assistance to veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder. Six styles of Bates boots are available on the Boot Campaign’s online store.

Q&A: Camouflage Expert Lawrence Holsworth

There are many camouflage enthusiasts out there. However, Lawrence Holsworth stands out from the pack. He works for camo manufacturer Hyde Definition. And when he’s not working? He blogs about camo in his free time. Meet the man behind popular gear blog Strike – Hold!.

Marine Corps Recalls 8,000 Bates Military Boots

The recalled boots had defects that compromised the durability of the boots when worn in the field, which was predominately in Afghanistan. Currently, Bates and the Marine Corps are working on the problems of the rugged all terrain boots.

Reader’s Poll: Military Boots Too Squeaky?

Do your boots squeak? If so, how loud are they? Here’s your chance to tell the world how loud those boots are. The results will be published on the blog in the upcoming week.

Another Look at Bates Boots iCS System

Bates Footwear has developed a revolutionary comfort system that is found in their newer styles. The Individual Comfort System is outlined by Andrew Fowler, director of sales, in this YouTube video series.