A Statement Regarding The Colorado Shooting

A post from our CEO regarding the tragic shooting at an Aurora, Colorado movie theater. 

On July 2, 2012 TacticalGear.com received an order from James Holmes, the alleged shooter in the Colorado theater massacre. His order included an urban assault vest, two magazine pouches and a tactical knife spending a total of $306.79. Mr. Holmes elected to pay an additional $15.63 for UPS 2nd Day Air to expedite his order. We processed this order as any other, and Mr. Holmes signed for the associated package on July 5 at 2:21 p.m. local time.

In the wake of the tragedy, we have done our best to cooperate with the media and law enforcement agencies by passing on any relevant information. We have since been inundated with countless phone calls, emails and interview requests. Much of this communication has been quite hostile and threatening in nature. We have been falsely accused of selling Mr. Holmes firearms and ammunition over the Internet illegally without conducting the mandated background checks. Some members of our customer relations team have been brought to tears by people insisting that we have “blood on our hands.”

In an effort to combat this falsehood, myself and our Chief Operating Officer conducted a series of interviews in an attempt to clear up any misconceptions. We reiterated that TacticalGear.com primarily serves the law enforcement community and that we are proud to supply these heroes with the tools they need to keep our communities safe. During the course of these interviews, we were repeatedly questioned about what steps we were taking to prevent the general public from acquiring tactical gear in the future. In response to this line of questioning, statements were made that some have perceived as anti-gun and anti-2nd amendment.

We want to set the record straight and publically state that we fully support the 2nd amendment. The spirit of what we were trying to communicate was that tactical clothing and equipment should not be put in the same category as firearms and ammunition. Firearms and ammunition are subject to considerable regulation, and the notion that tactical gear should be as well is outrageous. Unfortunately, in some instances our choice of words were poor and misguided. For this, we accept full responsibility and sincerely apologize to anyone that took offense to these comments.

I am very proud of TacticalGear.com. It is a great company with a great staff. Each day we wake up thinking about how we can better serve our customers the gear they need when they need it. We work tirelessly to achieve these goals, and we are passionate about what we do. Many of us are avid gun owners and enthusiasts. We frequently visit the local shooting range and keep firearms in the office. We wholeheartedly support the freedom Americans enjoy to legally purchase guns and ammunition. I personally believe that if some members of the audience had concealed carry weapons at hand that night perhaps less blood would have been shed. No amount of gun control is going to prevent a sociopath hell-bent on terrorism from hurting a large group of people.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families of this horrific event. If you have any questions or comments about this issue please direct them to us via email at pr@tacticalgear.com.

-Chad Weinman
CEO, TacticalGear.com

125 Comments on “A Statement Regarding The Colorado Shooting

  1. I support you and your company in your endeavors and agree with your acessment of the Colorado shooting. Take guns away from honest capable LEGAL gun owners and be prepared for a spike in violent crimes. Many would be criminals are in MHO kept at bay because they fear who may be carrying (unless they have a death wish). We all need to stand FIRM for our personal GOD GIVEN rights. God gave us certain rights, among them the right of protection, and through the grace of God, government will not be able to take them away.

  2. Way to supply unstable nut job with exactly what he need to go on a rampage. Keep up the good work .

  3. Good idea! I like your statement “I personally believe that if some members of the audience had concealed carry weapons at hand that night perhaps less blood would have been shed.” I do not know if it would had done much good since he had body armor on. Perhaps your company could join forces with the movie theater industry and maybe armor with guns could be issued when one buys a movie ticket then we all can enjoy the movie and feel safe.

  4. When people take away responsibility from the individual and place it on outside sources it only makes the world a more dangerous and unpredictable place. Even if he bought every single bit from your company, society is only to blame so far as allowing this thing to continue by not crafting stronger deterrents.

  5. Having family and friends serving in the military and civilian law enforcement, I deeply appreciate the gear you provide to protect their lives. The only thing sold that kills lives is the knife and I do not see any way to control what individuals will do with knives. I also have seen the focus on guns in this attack, no mention of his knife in multitudes of report on his attack. If you look at the long list of potential murder weapons we would be closing down the majority of companies across the world. Instead of blaming items, we need to start training awareness, protection, and mental health. Please know having somewhere that can provide protection for those in harms way is considerably more important than those that use it to harm. If humans could read minds, I am certain the world would operate considerably different. Thank you for your services.

  6. I applaude your public statement and like many of the above, stand with you that your company had nothing to do wih this moron in the news. The left is only using this as a tool to fuel their agenda so why don’t they see that the objects used by this guy are also only tools. I am ashamed for those that made idiots out of themselves for calling your office with such vile remarks. I order products such as yours and you now have a new customer in me! I will tell the background of my gear when anyone asks me about the type and selection. Thanks!

  7. Don’t listen to those stupid idiots. They have obviously no clue or have been in a situation where they need to be defended against people bent on harm. The beauty of the Constitution is that those idiots have the right to voice their opinions just like we do. Good thing the Constitution protects our right to own weapons.

  8. This nutball was born and raised in Southern California in a Liberal upbringing. He should be called and referred to as a California Shooter and not a Colorado Shooter.
    I live in the LA area and wack jobs like Holmes seem to be the norm in a State that protects the criminals and not the law abiding Citizen.
    I also have property in Colorad and have never seen a lost spaceshot like this in a Native Coloradan.
    Of course all the scumbag politicians like Bloomberg are jumping all over the murder for their political gains, all the while running from the blame of their Fascist Liberal Policy’s.
    Keep calling the murderer a California Shooter and watch teh Fascist Liberals squirm, including the false media.
    I get a lot of Tactical Gear for the high standars that it is made to. It holds up to my abusse and is not mad to fall apart like the Liberal woosey gear does.
    It’s always the first that throw the stones that are found to be the cause of the problem.

  9. You have nothing to apologize for… the idiot who did this is the only one that has anything to apologize for. NOT that he ever will…but he too will be judged one day…hopefully VERY SOON! He deserves worse than the death penalty for all he has done. Keep up the good work.

  10. This company, its employees, and its CEO are not to blame, nor are responsible for the actions of Mr. Holmes. Mr. Holmes had no criminal record, no arrests, not even a parking ticket to his name before his actions in the movie theater.

  11. By the way, the comment made by Bill G. is laughable and ridiculous — as any gun owner knows.

  12. I read about the flak you were receiving regarding your sales to James Holmes, the Aurora shooter. You have nothing to apologize for. Any rational person would conclude that you had no way to know that your products were going to be misused by a madman. Although I have never purchased anything from you, I will remember your company should I require a use for any of your products in the future.

  13. There’s nothing I can say that doesn’t match what all the other TacticalGear.Com supporters are saying. You made a new Customer out of me, too!

  14. Way to go in standing up against libidiots!! As a consumer and a citizen thank you for standing up for the 2nd amendment. You guys have absolutely nothing to apologize for and therefore should not ! I too will be at the least looking at your products and more than likely making a purchase. I am a big fan of CCW and even open carry. keep up the good work and keep your heads high you have earned it!!

  15. You don’t have to apologize. You did nothing wrong. Get on with your business.

    I am here to order.

  16. What happened in Colorado is horrible tragedy, committed by a disturbed individual. That he purchased products from your company does not in any way make your company responsible for his actions. I’m born and raised in the lower east side of New York City. Growing up in a lower income neighborhood rife with drugs and violence, I’ve seen just about every conceivable make-shift weapon possible from simple shivs to gas/propane/dry ice/pipe bombs. I know that deranged individuals with no concern for others will always find the methods and tools to accomplish their madness. Had this disturbed individual taken an SUV and driven into the gathered crowd waiting to enter the theatre, would there be an outcry against the dealer who sold him the car? What about the maker of the SUV? There’s also the gas station that provided him the gas to propel the vehicle, why not them too? As the media tries to inflame public emotion to better their ratings and publication sales, they will try to find scapegoats in every corner. Soon the politicians will also jump on the blame band wagon after they decide how many votes they stand to gain in their re-election. New laws, new regulations, new restrictions will do nothing to stop future tragedies, all that will happen is law abiding citizens will suffer at the hands of madmen.

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  18. Just want to say I’m very proud of your company. It takes a lot to speak up for what you truly believe in these days, and I couldn’t be happier to share the great state of Missouri with you. I also work in a business with a small customer service staff and know that day in/day out, they have one of the toughest jobs in the company let alone when you have Yahoo’s calling up and being stupid. Keep your chins up, you’re doing a great job!

  19. I simply don’t understand why you have shared this information with the public in the first place? Why would you tell anyone, except for law enforcement, that he ordered anything from you? It is a complete breach of your Privacy Policy that states:

    TacticalGear.com will use the information you provide about yourself when placing an order only to complete that order. This information is not shared with or sold to outside parties except to the extent necessary to complete that order. We use the information you provide about someone else when placing an order only to ship the product and to confirm delivery. We do not share this information with outside parties except to the extent necessary to complete that order.

  20. I have served in the Army 13 years as an SF Medic and am currently a LEO. I appreciate your company and the thousands just like it. The gear that you sell helps make our life easier and more comfortable. Not that carrying 200 pounds can be all that comfortable anyway. But you sell us gear that make things a bit more tolerable.

    The ignorant people who have diarrhea of the keyboard and zero knowledge of the law make threats and cry for more laws regarding firearms. How about whining about enforcement of the thousands of laws already on the books. These people piss me off. I guarantee you that if their family was in that theatre, or in any type of serious jeopardy, they would want me (and my guns) there to save their collective asses. We do not need more gun laws. We need people to do a better job raising their kids. We need to be better people. We need to make smart decisions, get married and STAY married…take your time and marry the right person. So your child from a broken home doesnt turn into a mass murderer or serial killer or rapist. What is wrong with people today!?

    Enforce the laws already in the books for a change. You guys at tactical gear are doing a great job. We in the military and law enforcement community recognize and appreciate your efforts. Thank you for providing us with high quality gear and supplies to do our jobs.

  21. I don’t need any more tactical stuff but I’m going to buy something from you guys anyway just to support. Re-donk-u-lous. Where’s the lawsuit against the movie theater for putting people at risk by restricting CCW?

  22. Let me start by saying that I have never made a purchase from your company, but will in the future.

    As a Certified Handgun Instructor and former police oficer, I agree with your assertion about the difference in outcome had licensed, trained individuals been allowed to carry into this “gun-free zone”. Logic tells us that, at the very least, a fusillade of incoming rounds would have caused this individual to rethink his plans for the evening. The fact that he surrendered without resistance (Cop-Speak for, “SOB ain’t NEARLY so bad when he doesn’t have the only gun.”) is a great indicator of his unwillingness to face down individuals who have in their possession the tools with which to inflict great bodily harm upon him.

    Hang in there, keep your chins up, and learn the motto: “Noolis Bastardis Carborundum”. (LOOSE translation: Don’t let the bastards wear you down.)

  23. I spent 12 years serving this country and am now entering into a law enforcement career. I have learned that a lot of people in this country are very ignorant about fire arms, or tacticle gear in general and always want to blame everyone else for the problems of socioty and take none of the blame themselves. Sorry your company has had to endure the idiots that seem to be more prevalent today then ever before in this great country.
    Keep up the good work and thanks for bringing this to everyone attention.

  24. I’m in the Army,an i am a combat veteran! What you do an sell gives a use a advantage( and keeps us alive) to have better gear than our enemies, thanks keep up the good work!!! Some people will never understand the importance of what you do and the things you sell but alot of us(military brothers and sisters) understand and appreciate it. again Thanks.

  25. wont buy from you because of this….When ask if further restrictions needed to be placed on the sale of tactical gear?

    He said no, not at all.
    He said what is needed is further restrictions on the sale of guns & ammo!!

  26. I have heard of Tactical Gear.com through a few friends who are in Law enforcement, As someone who tries to be prepared for what can happen throughout the day I am always looking for kit that can help me carry my kit. You guys have not done anything wrong in this event and you do a great job. Your staff needs to know that they are not responsible for this tragic event only the whack job who pulled the trigger. I will be looking into buying something from you guys just to give a finger to those that blame you and your staff for the events of last week in Colorado

  27. I love my new shorts, cant wait to jump in the river! Please open a store front!

  28. Anyone with 1/2 a brain in their head knows that your company did nothing wrong. I will be doing business with you in the near future. Keep your head up and don’t let the idiots bring you all down.

  29. Keep doing what you do best. We stand behind you all the way. Gunny USMC

  30. I hadn’t heard of your company before but I will be sure to include you in my bookmarks for my future equipment needs. You have done nothing wrong. Do not let the misguided and the agenda driven add to the emotional stress that I am sure you all feel over this situation.

  31. We are keeping you, your employees and all connected with your business in our prayers. As usual, more than just the “crazy” who killed and wounded so many in Colorado are at their usual ANTI-2nd amendment and 1st amendment rhetoric. Please know we are proud of the private enterprises that help our REAL HEROES, ie: our first responders, military, etc. We are very tired of the same old same old vile comments made by people who
    profess to care about security for WE THE PEOPLE, but blame those who help with this.

    Please know you are all cared about and not everyone is of this mean, threatening mindset. I too recommend keeping track of all who threaten you…..there is a place for them….it’s called jail!!

    May Our Lord wrap his Loving arms around each of you for comfort and peace.

  32. Let me begin by saying only G*d is perfect. The rest of us are human to include you and your employees. My heart goes out to your employees that have suffered some indiots misplaced wrath. Please remind your employees that real/normal people respect them and will continue to do business with them. Let the justice system deal with the lunatic.
    I have been a Registered Nurse for 15 years and being educated in the scientific method I am not easily swayed by the propaganda that is spewed forth in the media. Colorado is a tragedy to be sure. Work to be a postivie influence in your own community. Denver will need to do the same.
    Your company and your employees have my support. I don’t need any tactical gear but in two days when I get paid I will be placing an order for something just to show your people my support. Tell your people to go home and sleep well. They are not to blame. I am putting my money where my mouth is. I hope others do the same.
    G*d bless us all during this time of tragedy.

  33. Great job handling the bad press and miss information the public has received about TacticalGear.com. Like many others have openly defended you on facebook, Calguns, etc.
    Sociopaths exist, have always existed and will always exist. More gun regulation will NOT fix that. Being such an open state to CCW’s, I can almost guarantee there were at least a couple permitted CCW holders that respected the “no gun zone”. They are probably not to open about the fact they were not carrying and could have saved lives.
    As far as Tac/gear.com goes you have my utmost support and thank you for supporting the 2nd amendment, supplying us sane folk with quality products.

  34. Thank you for the excellent products you provide to the public. You have my 110% support! The people who are attacking you are not worthy of any consideration by your company/staff. As someone has already said, I would make crime reports to the local police for every threatening communication you receive. Those people are not your/our friends. They are on the wrong side of the issue. They are malicious and hateful people and need to be taught a lesson. They only compound the tragedy. You bear no responsibility for what occurred in Aurora, Colorado. None!

  35. First and most important…this is such a sad event and a tragedy for way too many people. But this cowardly, senseless act was perpetrated by a person, not a gun, holster, ammo, helmet or knife. The AR-15 did not walk itself into that theatre and start shooting. Holmes is clearly a horrible person as he didn’t just do this on a whim, he planned for months to do this. Attacking your company is as senseless.

    Fourteen years ago a woman in St. Louis was killed in a drunk driving accident by a member of the St. Louis Rams football team. He was driving a Lincoln Navigator made by Ford and likely sold by a Lincoln dealer in St. Louis. While his actions and drunken state was decried in the media and among the public, there was no outcry to ban Lincoln Navigators or Ford automobiles, boycott the Lincoln dealership or close down the bar at which he had been drinking. While certainly a tragedy of a greater magnitude, how is this different? I don’t think it is. There are countless other examples of PEOPLE doing bad things with gasoline, fertilizer, kitchen knives, baseball bats and other objects that are not banned.

    Let’s stop the hysteria and let the blame rest squarely on the shoulders of the person who did this and not on a company selling products that are harmless in the right hands. I too will be buying from you in the future if there are any products you sell that I need.

  36. if someone buys a car drives on a crowded New York sidewalk and kills many people who do you blame? do we ban cars! a man in new york set fire to a basement night club and killed 80 people do we stop selling matches! I am a gun owner in new york! and the gun grabbers wait for any excuse to take away our rights!you are an honest business and follow the rules.in the future I will buy from your company.my thoughts an prayers go to all the family members that lost love ones.FE

  37. You supply great products and services. Only those who are misguided can ever blame your company for what happened but a deranged gunman in Colorado. I will certainly continue to support your company thru future purchases. Hell, I bought tack pants and shirts from you…now I must be on a no fly list.

  38. Hang in there. When we need something, this is where we’ll come.

    You were unfairly targeted. We’ll make it up to you.

  39. I am not a past customer but have saved your web link in my favorites for future purchases. I too am impressed with your statements on this tragic event. Your company is providing a service and in no way could have controlled any aspects of this deranged person. I applaud you and your company and am disturbed by some that blame your business and employees for anything even remotely associated with tragedy. I hope you show your employees these comments of support. I congratulate you for addressing this. Rest assured I will support your company. God Bless you and your employees.

  40. I was so impressed with the way you presented the information about your company and the order Holmes made. You certainly sounded like a person with integrity, forthrightness, and honesty.

    This evening is the 2nd time I have watched you ‘meet the press’ on the channel 5 news.

    Again, on the news this evening … your realistic observation that people hurt so badly now that they are lashing out.

    What a good example of facing a tough situation head on instead of dodging the press.

    Best wishes to you and God Bless you and keep you and all of your employees safe.

  41. There is no such thing as bad publicity. Free advertising. I have not visiting your site before, but I will be placing an order in the near future.

    P.S. Tell you customer service reps to tell these Constitution hating liberals who prank call to F off and just hang up.

  42. Tacticalgear.com is in no way an accessory to this horrific event. As a fellow St. Louisan, I will be sure to make a purchase soon, both to show my support for your company, and to support a local business. I also believe in conceal and carry, and own several guns, mostly tactical. I only disagree on one thing. I’m not sure that having a bunch of guns in the theater that night would have been the answer. The only thing worse than what happened would have been an all out firefight in a crowded theater. I practice shooting at least twice a week, and I know that had I been there, I would have been terrified of firing my gun in that kind of chaotic situation, unless I were within mere inches of the gunman. And then, I would have been terrified that another armed person would have seen me with a gun, thought I was the attackers accomplice, and shot me. In most situations, there is no harm in defending yourself, but this wasn’t most situations. Sometimes, crazy is just crazy, and there’s nothing you can do about it but pray.

    I’m behind you guys! Keep up the good work, and don’t let the anti Second Amendment nutjobs get you down. They fade away quickly enough.

  43. Your company did nothing wrong, I was impressed with your express shipping. We mourn for the dead and suffering and the zealots will demand more gun control laws. There are plenty of laws on the books. Trying to blame your company for any part in this is like blaming a brewery for a drunk driver, ridicluous. Hold your heads up America will get through this and God Bless small business

  44. My advice is, should threatening phone calls continue, to trap their Caller IDs and prosecute each and every one.

  45. To Charity Kountz:

    You make the argument for me that a CPL holder could have been effective against Holmes. You sound as though you are not experienced with weapons so I’ll hold my ire for your way of thinking as best I can. Let’s assume that a patron in the theater could have been legally carrying.

    You say that if a CPL holder was in the theater and carrying they would have mistaken Holmes as LE. How could that happen in the opening moments of the tragedy when people first realized that they were actually being shot at? Are we to believe that LE personnel could materialize in seconds and thus be mistaken as Holmes? The witnesses clearly saw Holmes as the shooter so a CPL patron would also have seen Holmes as the shooter.

    You say that a CPL holder would have trouble hitting Holmes in the theater. Holmes had no problem hitting 70 people. Granted he was shooting at random but he effectively saw his targets and hit them. Witnesses saw him and his actions, so why couldn’t a CPL holder not see Holmes clearly enough to take their shots?

    You say a CPL holder only with training at shooting static targets would have been ineffective. That’s fine with me if I had been there and unarmed. As long as the CPL holder is shooting at Holmes while I’m trying to escape I’ll thank that CPL holder afterwards for drawing fire away from me. Or are you ignorant enough to think a CPL holder would just start shooting randomly as Holmes did? I know many shooters/CPL holders that are quite capable of hitting moving targets and under adverse conditions. Most people I know that shoot do so frequently. Holmes it appears just learned and was quite effective. What makes you think a CPL holder that shoots frequently would have a more difficult time aiming than Holmes? Tell me have you ever been shot multiple times with a 9mm, or a .40 or a .45 while wearing a vest? Go to YouTube and see the results. If Holmes were hit in the vest by any of these calibers he could have been slowed down or stopped thus saving lives. If there had been 2 CPL holders there shooting at Holmes even better. Had they hit exposed areas… well a very different story.

    You argue that the equipment bought from Tactical Gear somehow contributed to the tragedy. Tell me how did it??? Holmes could have walked in there naked and done the same thing!! How do you reconcile that??? The gear he was wearing contributed nothing to the outcome.

    Finally, if you Charity, were staring down the barrel of one of Holmes’ weapons, about to die, wouldn’t you like to have that choice to defend yourself or your loved one or have a CPL holder shooting at Holmes at that moment?

    Your arguments are more classic liberal dogma drivel. Please, all of you liberal ostriches out there that think as Kountz does, educate yourselves better on the ugliness of the world.

  46. As with any public tragedy, the newsmongering bottom-feediers as well as the blithering idiots come out in droves. PLEASE do not put any weight on the words of these IDIOTS, as only an IDIOT could blame the company that sold the clothing worn by the LUNATIC committing the tragedy. Your sales staff have our sincere condolences for what they must be dealing with right now.

  47. Stories like this will bring out the best and worst in people. Regulations will keep the honest people honest, and you are right in that it will not stop a sociopath bent on carrying out an act of violence. You and your business are not to blame and the people busy pointing fingers should stop and think about what a moment of self-reflection can make in anyones life, including their own.

  48. Your company and staff are not at fault in this tragic event. Tactical Gear and your staff do not have “Blood on Your Hands”. None of your merchandise caused any harm to anyone! It is not your resopnsibility to perform background psychiatric assesments with customer orders. I am not a customer but I support you fully!

  49. As a Coloradoan, born & raised, and I live close to Aurora. I’m sorry to hear how you’ve been mistreated in emails & phone calls. Your company is not to blame and not to condone what people have said, I believe it is their pain that is speaking out. Give it some time & they will heal.

  50. There is no one to blame except the alleged murderer, james holmes period ! And to those who think we should not allow citizens to buy large amounts of ammo , this is just as foolish as any type of gun control . Banning or restricting guns or ammo will not stop anyone from killing if they want to !! One of the largest mass murders in this country was a night club , I cant remember the name of it but some scumbag used gasoline and killed something like 80 people buy burning them to death inside this club !! Should we restrict gosoline sales also ? Laws or bans on anything never affect criminals or evil doers , the bad guys will just go to the black market to get what isn’t legal and only the lawabiding will suffer, because of stupid useless gun or ammo bans !!!!

  51. First off to all Who have lost loved ones in the recent horrific event of a crazed phsyco prayers go to you. Im a firm believer in our rights and carry everyday. If a nut wants guns, ammo, and tac gear, they will find it one.way or another. I live in a right to carry state and also possess a permit that ables me to carry in 31 states, this is beyond gun control one person in that theature could have ben carrying and changed the outcome of this horrific event. The blame belongs in one set of hands and that is holmes. Innocent people including children were preyed upon then the coward surrendered to police. Express your rights and carry we need law abiding people to have guns so we can control nuts like this.

  52. Just wondering, were there any projectiles sent at his body armor?
    so much talk, so little information.

  53. The media has blown this completely out of context. First, they said he was wearing a bulletproof vest. After following a link from a news story and seeing what vest he bought, this makes no sense. The problem isn’t less guns, it’s MORE guns, more concealed carry.

    I assumed, at first, that the media was correct in telling us that he was in bulletproof gear. They are also not saying that Denver Metro has a city-wide ban on concealed weapons. If even a couple of people would have been concealing pistols, they could have saved the pepper-spray of bullets from happening.
    Instead, the liberal media is pushing the issue into a matter of gun control. You can ban 100 round drums, it only takes one bullet to devastate an entire nation.

    How many crimes are stopped with guns?

    Just keep doing what you do. God bless you for it. Anyone that looks to your company to blame must be following a distorted idiom, like “Guns don’t kill people, tactical gear kills people!”

  54. Put he blame where it belongs, on this criminal, not an innocent business. Perhaps those that so quickly claim that todays CCW gun owner is inept should check their facts. Colorado law places this location (as well as many others) as a “gun free zone” Why don’t you just herd people into cattle runs with no protection and expect that a whack job terrorist won’t attack. Predators are just that. I guess those who blast your company with threats and guilt trips would have thought it OK if this guy had bought his gear from some street gang banger out of the trunk of a car. Let this company go about their business. If you don’t agree with it don’t buy it and stay one of the helpless sheep. By the way cops don’t carry guns for YOUR protection is’s for THEIR protection.

  55. Cat5.Commerce.,
    Those that are hurt and suffering,

    It is a shame that we lose ourselves sometimes with these type of tragedies. The healing process starts
    with anguish and thoughts of hate. Without realizing we strike out at folks that had no direct contact to what
    Happened or the Incident. Peace will come to the ones that have lost there loved ones, but the healing may take more than just time or someones answers. We are Gods children, his Love and Grace is sometimes the only answer. I hope that Peace and Love will come to all who have suffered because of this Tradegy, my prayers are with you. For sure there is blame and mistakes that have been made, but I think we should wait for the dust to settle, it’s easy then to see a lot clearly. For all who read this note may Gods Blessing be with you.

  56. If ammunition restriction is a logical next-step to eliminating horrific acts like the one in Colorado, then why not limit the number of gallons of fuel the average citizen can purchase at given time just in case they might be a drunk driver? For a gun with out ammunition is just an expensive club, and a car without gas is just a very small apartment!

    So lets step back, catch our breath and examine what really happened.

    James Holmes (a graduate student and failed doctoral candidate) legally purchased a product legally sold over the Internet, but used that legally purchased product illegally. There is no way the seller of the ammunition (tacticalgear.com) could have possibly known for what illegal purpose Holmes intended to use their legally sold product, any more than the clerk at Target or Wal-Mart who sells someone a kitchen knife knows to what purpose that customer tends to do with that legally purchased item.

  57. Tactical vests don’t kill people, nut jobs kill people. You have nothing to fault yourself with.

  58. I am a police officer in MO and I support this company and the right for concealed carry. I have to wonder what would the outcome have been had there been a private citizen carrying legally in that theater with the proper training?
    I am fairly certain I know what my course of action would have been……..

  59. I support tactical gear and its very clear that a person like Mr.Holmes exists and nothing can be done to bring back the people killed in this tragedy . Blame is not here it rests solely with the person who committed the crime and he will be punished. I do believe however ammunition should be monitored by law enforcement in such cases as this maybe could have been prevented.

    God be with those in Colorado and we as citizens need to be more aware of things around us and continue to look out for each other.

  60. I’m behind you guys 110% . How anyone can blame everyone but the shooter is beyound me and I wish tacticalgear all the best. You should thank the media for the advertisment. You my friend just got another new customer.

  61. Chad, start everything you can ever say, “That I’m sorry how my website could in any way, have been involved with this terrible incident”. Not benign excuses to begin.

  62. Stay strong my friends. Those of us who actually have the ability to THINK for ourselves know full well that TaticalGear.con is NOT RESPONSIBLE for the actions of the sick and deranged individual in Colorado. Furthermore, we are fully aware that you did not sell ANYTHING which was actually used to kill any of the victims. You will get through this, it may be a little tough at times, but you will survive.

    One more thing, I’m sure I’m not the only new customer you’ve garnered. It’s good to know I can purchase items from a Missouri retailer instead of having to go thru the Arizona retailer I had been. They’re a great company, but I’m all about my state.

    All things Missouri!

  63. “I personally believe that if some members of the audience had concealed carry weapons at hand that night perhaps less blood would have been shed. No amount of gun control is going to prevent a sociopath hell-bent on terrorism from hurting a large group of people.” ~ Chad Weinman, CEO

    Really? And these people have been trained to shoot a target accurately amidst smoke, a booming movie soundtrack and screams, while avoiding tripping over bodies, slipping on blood, and the complete chaos around them as people try to escape, while in near darkness? The only people who could have the kind of reflexes required for that situation are military or law enforcement trained and even they would have likely struggled. It’s more likely the casualties would have been much higher due to the erratic gunfire from inexperienced shooters.

    The US Concealed Carry website states,

    “Anyone who thinks that in a real life or death situation you are going to handle a firearm as you do when you train on a square range for extreme accuracy and marksmanship is mistaken. Training for a gunfight means practicing drills that incorporate skills you will need if you are in an armed confrontation. First of all, you need good basic marksmanship skills. Advanced combat shooting skills involve solid applications, and in some cases, modifications of the basic skills. You must master the basics as discussed above. …Armed confrontations and gunfights typically happen in seconds. There is no time to take your time. You need to be able to shoot multiple shots fast and accurately. Most gunfights happen within nine feet. You will most likely be fighting one or more assailants who are coming toward you, so you will need to hold onto your gun tightly (crush grip, retention position) and fire multiple shots.”

    Chad Weinman, you’ve been watching too many action movies and are trying to justify your company’s greed for profits while turning a blind eye to the facts around this tragedy. This psychopath was in full tactical gear, which your company so kindly provided him. Even if someone were lucky enough to shoot him, the chances of it working were nullified. The idea that Holmes committed these crimes and then almost succeeded in getting away with it because he looked so much like a possible SWAT team member is what’s outrageous. Holmes would have been assumed to be part of the emergency response team on the scene, if not for two sharp-eyed police officers. Or maybe the red hair gave him away? Oh that’s right, It was covered by a helmet, also provided by your company.

    This equipment should be more difficult to get. It’s obvious that making access to it more restrictive would cause an “outrageous” decrease in your company’s profit center and customer service has nothing to do with it. This isn’t about the 2nd amendment, this is about being a responsible corporate citizen, which your company clearly is not.

    For the record, the chances of an inexperienced person in this situation doing more than shooting an innocent or getting shot are slim to none. In that situation, a concealed gun would be more likely to get you or someone else killed. Thank goodness there weren’t more guns in that theater.

  64. I am as liberal hippie as they get, I am from metro Denver and I am an avid gun enthusiast & shooter. I couldn’t agree more that you have zero responsibility in what that deviant thrill-kill-machine committed in Aurora. This individual knew exactly what he was doing. Unconscionable, yes, but completey controlled and calculated.

    The media is almost as disgusting in this tragedy as the perpetrator, as displayed by their continued fervour to hype mass-killings 24/7 over the air, as it sells tremendous amounts of advertising time. Any sane individual would agree that we need to REVIEW regulations on how firearms and perhaps body armor is OBTAINED. Not to say that any sensible regulations are going to stop the first-time offender seeking infamy and notoriety, but rational thought and discourse must take priority over media sensationalism.


  65. Blaming tacticalgear.com is like blaming Holmes’ internet provider from where he got ammo and bomb info from. If we can stop gun abuse by eliminating guns, then we can stop spousal abuse by eliminating spouses and child abuse by eliminating children, and people killed by drunk drivers by eliminating alcohol.

  66. Well said and your comment on somebody or multiple people being armed in the audiance might have very well stopped this sensless act from being as bad as it was people need exercise their right to defend themselves as much as the folks in law enforcement try they cannot be everywhere all the time it is up to us to defend ourselves and families. once again good job

  67. Dear Tac Gear,

    I hope your company takes the nonsense communications with a grain of salt. Your company is at no fault for doing what your company does, and sell products & supplies. Your company broke no laws and had no way of knowing that a very intelligant young man who has shown no history of mental illness up until a couple weeks or month ago was going to use the products he ordered from not just your site but others as well in the tragic manner he did.

  68. Found this website through all the hell surrounding it, I can’t wait to make my first purchase.

  69. Read the story in St Louis Post Dispatch this morning. You have my support, those of us that are level headed know you don’t sell firearms or ammunition. There is no way to “screen” every purchaser. This individual plotted and planned this for quite some time, he alone is responsible!
    I have yet to see a nationwide registration on alcohol sales, when combined with an automobile can be just as deadly.

    May God Bless all whose lives have been affected.

  70. What these anti gun nuts don’t understand was the movie house in question was a gun free zone. If the CCW people were allowed to carry in there, this outcome could be far different. Better to have a few sheepdogs in there than all sheep as was this case. God bless you for the service you provide.

  71. Thank you for providing great products to the public, military, and LE. This is in no way your fault or anyone’s fault at your company. I believe more people should get familiar with a gun and get family familiar with a gun. Take hunters and gun safety courses and get educated in firearms.

  72. Shame on you. Part of the way you have done business has clearly been involved in a tragic mass murder. Yet you rave on with your defensive talk and continue to do the same thing in spite of what has happenned. Enjoy the extra business exposure you get from all this, shame on you for not being decent enough to find an alternative way to make money, if for no other reason that for the pure respect of so many folks sadly affectly like this. May all your revenues fill your lives with shit. Fuck you. I know I will telling everyone I possibly can about how disgusting you and all of your staff are, who continue to work with you after this.

  73. Cat 5 Commerce is being slammed on their web site comments page. What a shame. They don’t sell firearms?? Are the American people that shortsided that they want to blame someone???? Where does a Med student get $15k to buy this over 6 months. Maybe we need to look elsewhere for the blame????

  74. I am an avid paintballer with an AR-15 styled marker, sidearm and full Multicam tactical kit. Growing up, I was the socially inept, quiet over-achiever. This being said, it’s a perfect opportunity to go out with my neighbors and their kids to work out those inadequacies in a fun, moderated and exhilirating environment. With these past purchases, I now have Mr. Holmes to thank for those questioning me and my game and hobby choice.

    What separates me from him is the presence of an obvious mental illness that was all too present in his actions in the theater and the courtroom. I can say this not from prejudice, but a medical professional who also has to treat some people from similar, but lesser manifestions of those disorders.

    I can see how Mr. Weinman could have his words taken out of context, but appreciate his intent to set the record straight. People like Mr. Holmes, the Norwegion shooter Anders Breivik and Timothy McVeigh are always going to exist. These are the people who give Homeland Security and local law enforcement nightmares and require them to stay on top of their response game at all times. With each episode, there comes a new layer of oversight – sales of anhydrous ammonia, cold medication, etc. And, I suspect, there will come a time where ammunition quotas will be watched. However, the suppliers of tactical gear to law enforcement agencies, private operators, military or paintballers/airsofters should not be drawn into this madness of blame-throwing.

    I’ve not purchased anything from Tactical Gear. However, I probably should as a matter of support.

  75. Do people honestly believe that your vest, 2 magazine pouches, and a knife were responsible for, or even necessary for the shootings?

    Good God there are some stupid people out there.

  76. Dear TacticalGear.com,
    As a Law Enforcment Officer and Tactical Operator, I have followed this incident closely and have had many thoughts on how to prevent this from happening again. I have discussed it with all of my peers and we came to the conclusion that its not possible to completely prevent it from happening. All we can do is be better prepared for it next time. More patrol around active gatherings, more security at events which attract large groups, and more training on how to handle these situations were some of the things discussed. Never once did we even think about you guys banning the public or monitoring who makes purchases from your site. That would be childish of anyone. We actually wondered how many officers were wearing gear purchased through your site that helped in the capture of this crazed maniac. I personnally own multiple items purchased through your site that i use quite often in the apprehension of violent criminals. I could not do my job as well as I do without it. For that I thank you!

    To those who feel the need to blame TacticalGear.com and the gun manufactuers,
    You are all idiots. Guns do not kill people, people kill people. TacticalGear.com and those who are affiliated with them are not the reason that this tragic incident occured. The man who elected to pull the trigger of those guns is the one responsible. Wheather or not he was raised wrong, had a mental problem, was picked on, or was apart of a terrorist group, he is the one that is responsible. Only God can judge a man and that is something that he will have to deal with. You look for someone to blame as though it is going to make it better. It’s not. It’s only going to make things worse. I am not an employee of TacticalGear.com and I am not a spokesman for them. This comment is based on what I believe. I do purchase things from this site and many others like it. I do not think they are responsible for the actions of a customer. If that were so, then every police officer that has made a purchase from a website for police gear of any kind that has had to take a life in the line of duty is in the same category as James Holmes. I don’t think you could put those two in the same category and still claim to be of sound mind. I will say this and I will be done. Take responability for your own actions and dont worry about the actions of others you couldn’t prevent. Trying to lay blame on someone else is as reckless as the colorado theatre massacre. Had John Holmes not had body armor, I truly believe he would have still carried out his plan.

  77. To Anonymous:
    Maybe I want a vest because I’m a prepper.
    Maybe I want a vest because I’m in a neighborhood watch.
    Maybe I want a vest because I live in a ghetto in Chicago and need it to go the store safely.
    Maybe I want a vest for deer hunting and feel safer in the woods with it on.
    Maybe I want a vest because I like to collect military or LE gear.
    Just because I buy a vest does not mean I’m going to go commit a crime and use it against LE. I’m sure statistics would show that of all the vests sold just a small percentage were used in crimes.
    Why is it that people like you think that when a crime is committed with a gun that tighter regulations are in order. Holmes planned this for weeks. If no guns were available to him he could have used a propane tank bomb or the like – he showed a propensity for this. He could have potentially killed dozens using a bomb. He could have drove his car through a populated pedestrian area like on campus killing as many or more. Are you going to put tighter regulations on propane tanks or cars. Your argument isn’t cogent and jumps to conclusions. I’m sick of liberal group think, it’s nauseating.

  78. After being attacked and beaten by a drunk and receiving a concussion and left bruised and bloodied, I went out and bought a couple of pistols, shotgun and many rounds of ammo in less than 2 weeks. Should a red flag gone up on me? I’m just an ordinary citizen wanting to defend myself and family. The only way to fight violence is with violence. I used to be a “nice”guy not wanting problems, i don’t go looking for trouble. Sometimes trouble finds you and you have to protect yourself when it does happen. I’m glad I found this store, I book marked it so I can order from you in the future. God Bless.

  79. “I personally believe that if some members of the audience had concealed carry weapons at hand that night perhaps less blood would have been shed.”……in your line of business I can understand your comment, but it rings false in light of what happened. By your logic citizens need to be allowed to carry Ak-15 or M-16’s in the public arena. I can’t imagine even a tacticle gear place where profits rule and logic declines would agree with this, but maybe.

    Mr. Chad Weisman you advertise that you mainly support military and police forces…what percentage of your sales really go to these organizations? Do you believe average citizens should be allowed to buy such equipment? If the answer is yes, then wouldn’t you be harboring and aiding criminals who would use your equipment to protect them from the very people you say you support?

    You are a business salesman with profits on your mind and nothing else. Tighter regulations for online shops like your’s are in order or closures.

  80. There “might” be some value to changing the regulations that allow easy use of a large amount of rounds.
    But probably not a lot. The “Hell bent” interested in evil could have used ninja swords. They will find a way.

    I am surprised that he did not spend the effort to go fully auto.

    If I was in the theatre with my 40 Glock, he would not have had enough time to kill 12.

    Imagine if six armed dads were there.


  81. To John Ross:
    Do you honestly believe that if Holmes didn’t have some of the gear from Tactical Gear he would not have carried out his sick actions which he planned for months?? If you do, you too are an ostrich. Tell me, did you write and complain to the manufacturers of the trench coats that Klebold and Harris wore? My God, you may be on to something here Mr. Ross – force all manufacturers of military clothing to stop producing military uniforms and we can stop all war. You’re brilliant!

  82. Mr. Weinman,

    It is very unfortunate that your company and your products are being blamed for this horrific event, and yet, I don’t think anyone including yourself is really shocked. I knew that you and your reputation would be used in the political barrage against our Second Amenment rights. Quite honestly, I hadn’t heard of tacticalgear.com before the shooting, but because of what the extreme left is doing to you over this, I intend to purchase something just to show my my support and to offset any legal or advertising expenses you incur. Thank you for standing up to these people.


    Travis Locke

  83. “We must reject the idea that every time a law’s broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions. – Ronald Reagan
    A fitting quote I think for the situation.

  84. “statements were made that some have perceived as anti-gun and anti-2nd amendment.” Oh, it’s just a perception? I see.. I guess we’re just not looking at it the “right” way.

    The damage is done. Instead of redirecting the idiotic questions and showing how stupid they were for trying to blame clothing, or defending the commonness and irrelevance of bulk ammo purchases and pointing out that internet firearms purchases must still be transferred by an FFL with a background check, you gave the media idiots a soundbite and an “insider’s/industry perspective” that supports their idiocy.

    You can’t undo that, and frankly it looks disingenuous to try. If you believe what you say, the COO would be out the door and working for a company that’s more in-line with his ignorant mindset. I’m sure Levi’s or the GAP would be more than happy to avail themselves of his services, maybe even at a pay increase.

  85. Reading these I find a few blaming this company, yet NOTHING they sell kills, and it can ALL be purchased elsewhere also.
    It is NOT their fault that Holmes did what he did, it is HIS fault.

    The most interesting comment was from Nat C. who states that he can NOT support this company, OR shooters, UNTIL SOME OF US, (other than law enforcement,) protect HIM and the “general public”!
    WE ARE the “general public,” but WE, for the most part are law abiding.

    I guess he is one of those that expects everybody ELSE to do things for him, rather than being responsible for himself, like quite a few others these days; BUT, THIS is the first time I have seen it in writing that another, person EXPECTS EVERYBODY ELSE to be responsible for THEIR well being and safety.

    From what I have seen of the site, it has a good selection at fair prices.
    I bookmarked it for possible future reference for a few items NOT readily available locally to me.

  86. I support your statement.There is no reason to blame you.

  87. Unfortunately, for years our society has created victims who rely on the government to solve their problems. You need only look at the Katrina victims standing in waist-high water waiting for someone to save them. More gun control only leads to more victims. To those who posted here that gun control works – whether in other states or other countries – you have no facts to support your position because multiple studies prove the opposite. Senator Dianne Feinstein (D – California) said “Banning guns addresses a fundamental right of all Americans to feel safe.” These beliefs put her in the same company as Adolf Hitler, who said “The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to allow the subject races to possess arms. History shows that all conquerors who have allowed their subject races to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by so doing.” The ability to protect ourselves, family, and loved ones is a right from our Creator – not from government. The 2nd Amendment in the U.S. Constitution does not give us the right to keep & bear arms – it affirms that we have that inalienable right that no government can abridge. Thank you, TacticalGear, for allowing us to protect ourselves and not be victims.

  88. I love the people that bash everyone else from their high horse. I grew up around el paso and Juarez when I was a kid. I’m a fourth generation texican…… With a chl. I’ve seen the fear firs hand of a population who canno defend themselves. The people who think criminals will be stopped by banning guns from law abiding citizens should spend a year in Juarez. Not a day, not a month.

  89. While I agree that tactical gear should not be put in the same category as weapons and ammunition, the initial story I read on the Post Dispatch web site made it sound as if you were rather proud of the fact he bought them there. If that was in error, you should have a serious beef with the PD. If it was not in error, then you should be ashamed.

  90. James Holmes probably ate at McDonalds or Taco Bell or someplace in the week or two preceding his attack. These food items gave him strength to do what he did. But this is a stupid argument. Almost as stupid as blaming a company that sold James Holmes some CLOTH sowed into a specific configuration. Are you people also going to start blaming the company that made his shoes and pants?

  91. I have never ordered from you before, but I have just placed my first order and I will be a regular customer from now on.

    The simpletons who are blaming an inanimate object for this senseless tragedy should really take a good long look at themselves and their dependence on the nanny state. The police cannot possibly be everywhere at all times and it is up to each and every one of us to protect ourselves. If that means that I (legally) carry a gun, then so be it.

    I will not cower and hope and pray that the bad guy has a heart and not harm my family or myself.

  92. We must go after everyone! Let’s sue the company that made his tennis shoes for if he had no shoes, he couldn’t have committed the crime! And the company that made his car? Without a car, he couldn’t have driven to the theater! Let’s not forget that he needed gas to fill the car so we should probably sue OPEC too.

    This company is selling LEGAL items and following the law. Lay off! I hope that Tactical Gear find they now have more business than they know what to do with. It is not their fault and they deserve none of the blame. The blame all lies on the shoulders of the shooter himself and, if there is a Hell, I hope that he rots there.

  93. Does the blood money you deposit from the profits short-circuit the ATM?

    Since you’re profiting even more so from the hype of all this (and the linkage back to your site from all the press/media/etc.) I hope you do the right thing and donate most of your profits to the victime of the shootings…you know, the one where the shooter (non-LEO, non-military) used swat equipment you sold him to butcher innocent civilians.

    Next time, ask for a license with every purchase of equipment that is specifically designed to aid in killing.

  94. We, as consumers would never condone the actions of “nutters” like this young man. There are any number of people like this that in my opinion should be eliminated from this planet. Your site serves us well and any dimwit who thinks otherwise needs to leave this country. My only regret is somebody did not take out this lame . ass on the spot. It would have saved us a very large amount of money and time consumed

  95. The Second Amendment is straight forward – it is a God given right, not a granted privilege by the government, for individuals to be able to protect themselves however that may be. It is not dependent on being in a militia for an American to possess arms for that protection which is not just personal, but against tyranny as well. Look at all tyrannies, the subjugation of those people by a dictator is through denial of weapons, their mechanism to keep the masses at bay so they can do as they please. This country’s founders have made sure that that can’t happen to Americans through the Second Amendment. It’s not just so we can go hunting for deer. Dianne Feinstein’s former bill and arguments to limit Americans access to large capacity magazines or assault type rifles undermines that right to be able to adequately defend ourselves from a tyrannical government. Going down her path you would eventually be led to defending yourself with a single shot .22 against fully equipped armies being manipulated by a potential tyrannical government, if you could possess a weapon at all. Ask the Brits. Look at the carnage in the Middle East over the last year. Dictators subjugating their people for decades, their citizens barely able to defend themselves and most likely not able to without outside assistance. The ultimate check on our government is not from the 3 branches keeping one another in check, or the current pathetic press, it is the fact that the Second Amendment says I can defend myself from people like James Holmes, a potential tyrannical American government, or the U.N. which now may be given the chance to take my Second Amendment rights away. It is the lulled minds of people like gun control advocates that weaken this country and put the individuals security in jeopardy. Holmes and liberal gun control advocates are the examples of why the founding fathers had the sense to put our God given right to defend ourselves in the Constitution as the Second Amendment. Keep up the good work Tactical Gear. Bill G you’re an ostrich.

  96. “the gear they need when they need it”

    Why do they need it and when? (Really, for law enforcement? You mean our police have to buy their own equipment?) Maybe they want it for fun…I understand that…but “need it”?

    “No amount of gun control is going to prevent a sociopath hell-bent on terrorism from hurting a large group of people.”

    It works in a lot of other developed countries.

    Look, you’ve got a cool store. Your products are amazing to me (I wouldn’t have found this site either were it not for the press surrounding the shooting). I had no idea it is so easy to buy all this stuff. But, let’s be honest, easy access to guns and ammo and equipment allows the crazies too much power. If everyone were walking around with a gun, maybe we’d be ok…or maybe there’d be a lot more dead people. We Americans love our guns and equipment and right to have as much as possible, but let’s not kid ourselves. There will be more massacres because of this, and worst of all, as one might gather from the comments here, each massacre is probably only going to increase your business at this shop.

    Best of luck in your business, but until some of you gun and military equipment lovers (aside from the police) are out there protecting the rest of us in the general public from these crazies, I can’t support you. If you can get the crazies before they get us, then I’ll start believing the benefit of all these guns. If you’re just out there having fun at the shooting range while the crazies are shooting at us, then I can’t support you. Until then, enjoy your business selling to the next killer in our midst, because, as in this case, there’s no way of knowing who you’re really selling to.

  97. i am a firm believer of the 2nd Amendment but do believe we need to more closely watch who purchases what. Your company is not to blame but when someone can buy 4 guns like this maniac did and 6000 rounds on line a flag must go up somewhere. After all the majority of gun owners are responsible and safe and I do not know any responsible gun owner who ever had a problem with a background check or even waiting a day or so….Good luck…

  98. As a member of the Law Enforcement community, I support you and say thanks for the good work that you do. Keep fighting the good fight.

  99. I have know about your website for sometime now. I find it appalling that the “news” media would try and drag your company name through the dirt based on the actions of a mad man. There was no way of knowing his intentions for the items purchased. Your hands are clean in this. As an act of defiance against the media, I will be making my next gear purchase from your company. My thoughts and prayers go out to all those effected by this terrible incident.

  100. heard of your web site today 7-23-12 on fox news this morning, looked at it this afternoon. Great site im glad to see vast amount of items for work or sport. I look forward to my first order.

  101. The level of ignorance and down-right meaness of the media and the general public shouldn’t surprise me anymore but it still does. The majority of the quiet, thinking people in this country know that your company and especially your employees have done nothing wrong and don’t deserve any of the vindictive nastyness that has come your way. Keep up the good work and don’t let the mob’s desire to blame someone for a senseless tragedy take you down.

  102. I will become a customer of this store/site. this business did nothing wrong, to many people are eager to blame somebody else instead putting the blame where it belongs, on the individual person that committed the act, Tactacalgear should be proud of the excellent products and service they provide, don’t let a bunch of uninformed and closed minded individuals get you down. keep up the good work

  103. Let’s keep our eye on the ball here folks. Tacticalgear.com has done nothing wrong , they are a business! People use this as an excuse to question the 2nd amendment, well what if he stabbed those people , or set the bombs off ? What would they blame then? This kid snapped ! I have ordered and will continue to order from tactical gear.com . Hopefully some of the ” media” will launch a formal apology .

  104. Your idea that MORE guns might have saved lives is insane. What might have saved lives is getting rid of the attitude that some cowboy might have stood up in the audience and shot the villain in the eye and save the day. The tens of thousands of gun related deaths prove that theory dead wrong. Literally.

    And vests with plenty of pouches for ammo? Yes, the blood is on plenty of hands, and the fact that some of your employees cried with that realization is better than than the real tears the victims families will be shedding.

    Your customers (with the exception of LE officers) are cowards, big men if they have a gun, little whining girls when they don’t, and you ought to rethink provisioning these right wing wackos who think a gun makes America safe.

  105. P. S.
    On June 28, 2009 a man named Leo Coleman got very, very drunk and drove his Chevy Avalanche into my Uncle Bob’s car at 81 MPH killing my Uncle Bob. Nobody in my family blames GM or Miller Brewing for this horrible tragedy. We blame Leo Coleman.

  106. Keep up the good work. Something that thought out and planned could not have been stop’d you guys are doing good things and we still support you..

    Guns don’t kill people, Stupid people kill people.

  107. The morning after the tragic shootings, St. Louis, MO Channel 2 news tried to connect the purchase of the weapons to Tactical Gear. It was clear they wanted to create hysteria. The “journalists” reporting on this insanity are clearly left wing, anti 2nd amendment idiots.

  108. Your company has done nothing wrong. Fair minded Americans know this. The only person to blame is Holmes. He committed this horrible crime and he deserves 100% of the blame.

  109. i have actually become a customer of this site due to all the publicity

  110. I actually hadn’t found your store online until the news mentioned it. I fully support you all and I’ll be passing to word around to anyone looking for gear to support your site, in spite of what they may hear about it from the mass media.

  111. Well said. People need to understand that no company or provider of any product can make the choice for the people that buy said products and how they are used.

  112. Tacticalgear.com’s staff has handled this issue professionally. The only apologies necessary are from those “people” who rush to point fingers and lay blame before facts are sorted out by the appropriate authorities. Among them are the survivors, their friends and family who are extremely and understandably emotional over all that transpired but wrongfully chastise the folks at tacticalgear.com. Also among them are the absolutely irresponsible members of the media who rush to anything that smells related to the incident in the name of getting the story “first” and not bothering with accuracy. Another person by the same name as the suspect has already been ravaged by the media’s idiotic, irresponsible, and deplorable behavior as seen on ABC news. Tacticalgear.com’s staff has always provided great products and service for me and will continue to well after the news media has moved back to election coverage or whatever else they seek for the best ratings and highest advertising profits. Keep up the good work tacticalgear.com!

  113. No matter what laws people come up with, there will always be a way to circumvent as well as people who truely believe that the “clothing” or gear called Tactical makes people want to do harm to others. The truth is that you can walk into any retail outlet or hunting store and purchase the same equipment with the same regulations. I again want to thank TacticalGear.com and any other outlet that provides quality operations gear to our law enforcement and military brothers and sisters, and to tell you to keep up the good work.

  114. Right there with you folks! You did nothing wrong, your staff has nothing to apologize for. I cheer your support of the 2nd amendment and your support of law enforcement — when a tragedy such as this occurs, there will always be people who point fingers at anyone other than the responsible individual. The only person responsible for this atrocity is James Holmes, the man who pulled the trigger. Keep up the good work, and don’t let a few zealots with the wrong opinion affect you or your business at all. Thanks!

  115. Your company is blameless in this affair. I will continue to use you and promote you to my friends and family as a quality source for quality clothing/gear. Let the reactionaries blow their hot air and their attention will soon turn to some other affair in which they have no stake and no intelligent commentary.

  116. Please tell your staff that they have NO blood on their hands….I am sure these are decent law-abiding citizens that love their jobs feel the sorrow and grief for the families affected.

    If this is the thought process these ignorant persons want to use against your employees, they also should blame General Dynamics, Boeing, Lockheed Martin and so on for the wars we are involved in.

    Although I’m not a customer, I still support you.

    With much respect,
    James K.

  117. Your statement is perfect. The left idiots will always blame the “things” rather than the person. Please tell all of you people that they are supported by most of us

  118. I agree. You can’t punish this site for something that someone else has done. He could have bought these items from anywhere and done the same thing. Would we place blame on them as well? Who is to know what someone who places an order has intentions on doing. We are not mind readers. He simply placed an order like any reasonable person would do. Unfortunately, his reasoning was not reasonable.

  119. In no way would you responsibly contributed to this tragedy, I have listened to a lot of comments on this incident & past incidents, the American citizens truly do not realize that this is the last place on Earth, the only country that we can enjoy the Freedoms that we enjoy, irrational responses only give the Groups both internal & external the AMMO they want to take these Rights / Freedoms away FOREVER!

  120. Keep up the good work. You are providing a great service to your customers & the fact that a few misinformed, uneducated buttheads want to blame you (or anyone/anything else, for that matter) for the actions of one obviously disturbed individual is unfortunate, but it speaks more to your accusers than to you.

    The desire to comprehend, place blame for and prevent a tragedy is understandable, but often people are misguided in their efforts. Don’t let them keep you down.

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