Concealed Carry Clothing for Women

Throw away the fanny packs and unflattering tactical pants, ladies. There are a dozen ways you can conceal your weapon while remaining your stylish self.

As YouTube user Faliaphotography demonstrates in the above video, a new wardrobe is not required when you pick up that CCW license. As an advocate of on-body carrying, she doesn’t think women should put a gun in a purse or car because someone could easily snatch it up. The 28-year-old dresses in a completely innocuous manner. And being 5’4” and 120 pounds, she doesn’t have many places to hide her Ruger LCR.

With most outfits, she recommends wearing an IWB holster, even in the winter. The other options listed below come in handy when pants are either too tight or lack belt loops.

Dresses & Skirts – Some of the most feminine outfits prove to be the most difficult for concealed carry. She suggests using a thigh holster for those dressy occasions. It does cut down on the draw time, but it’s better to carry than to not, right? She said it’s easy to walk and sit down when wearing the thigh holster.

Shorts – If you thought it was challenging to carry in a dress, try wearing shorts. Faliaphotography says her shorts and tight shirt combination makes it impossible to hide a weapon. She attempts to wear a thigh holster, but it is a no-go. The holster hangs out from underneath the shorts. To top that, she has to unzip her pants in order to draw. Distracting? Yes. Tactical? No.

Tight Pants – What happens when there’s no room (or belt loops) for a holster around the waist? If the bottoms of your pants are baggy, try an ankle holster. You’ll have to use both your hands to lift up your pant leg to draw, so be sure to practice.

Jeans – Time to break out the ankle holster again. Be sure you wear the holster on the inside of the leg that is opposite of your drawing hand. According to Faliaphotography, the ankle holster is comfortable for long-distance driving. IWB and OWB are even better for jeans, she says, but ankle is great for wide-leg jeans.

Full-length dress or skirt – You should wear a thigh holster, right? Wrong. The length of the skirt will impact your draw time with a thigh holster. She has an easy time maneuvering in an ankle holster while wearing a long skirt.

Short jacket – This works best with an inside-the-waistband holster. Tuck your shirt in, and let your jacket drape along the outside.

Boot cut or skinny jeans – When your pants are both tight at the bottom and the top, she suggests you strap on a shoulder holster. She confesses is her least favorite type of holster. Nevertheless it’s a good winter-carry holster with poufy jackets. She recommends OWB holsters (on the waistband) as well for skinny jeans. Just have to wear some type of shirt over top that covers it up like a hoodie, zip-up sweater, vest, jacket or sleeveless vest.

Winter clothes – Even though a shoulder holster can be helpful in the winter, pocket holsters are even better. Why? Because you can just slip it into your winter coat pocket for easy access, she says. “It’s one of my favorite forms of winter carry that I forgot to mention it in my video!!,” she wrote to us in an e-mail. “And, of course, pocket holsters will work in a big cargo pocket in cargo pants.”

Vests – Match darker vests with the shoulder holster, which hides the gun quite well and makes it easily accessible.

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  1. I just purchase a ‘Sticky Holster’ look it up online. I got mine from Palmetto Arms. It’s fantastic. I’ve always carried in my purse until last week. It just sticks along your waistband. No clip to attach. I HIGHLY reccomend it.

  2. Thank you many times over for sharing so many great and practical ways to conceal and carry. The video was a tremendous help.

  3. I have found no way to conceal my pistol I am a very petite person and I have trouble even wearing a holster on my waist because the weight pulls my pants down even with a belt. A shoulder harned doesn’t work because the size jacket/hoodie I have to purchase to conceal is 3 times to large. The only way I can conceal carry is in my purse.

  4. Great post! I will subscribe to this because the topic is quite interesting and very useful to each of us especially to the fashionistas. Thank you so much.

  5. This is great information for women. It is important to be able to carry your gun no matter what you are wearing. I have carried guns in my purse before, but always feel that I will not be able access them quick enough if I needed to. I will be passing this article along!

  6. Keep up the good work.
    Almost all the good ccw material out there is written by and for men and completely ignores the challenges that women face when trying to “dress around a gun”. As the number of females with CHLs increases, the info you provide will become even more valuable.

    A good resource.

  7. Great ideas! I’m just starting a series of seminars “Ladies’ Night Out” and will be having a “conceal carry fashion show” in December 2010, and this video will really help. Like the previous writer, the women I deal with (and myself) tend to be overweight and have a hard time concealing handguns on our person. Thanks for the videos!

  8. To whom it may concern,
    I thought it was a good informative video. It’s not professionally shot but who cares. It takes alot of ovaries (Balls) to tackle this subject, good for you! My wife is heavier than you but it gives alot of ideas and what gear is useable. I would rather be able to have her put her gun anywhere rather than not carry. Carrying in a purse or bag is ok but I personally don’t like carrying away from the body.
    Good job whomever produced this.

    Dr. Edwin Tostenrud

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