Contest: Win Hi-Tec Men’s Salt Creek Shirt

Will you win Hi-Tec's Salt Creek Shirt?

One of our gear tester recently checked out Hi-Tec Men’s Salt Creek Shirt, and he was seriously impressed not only by the amount of features but by the functionality. It’s breathable and casual enough for any Sunday afternoon, especially if hiking is on your to-do list.

Due to his favorable review, we thought it would be cool to let one of our readers experience the Hi-Tec Salt Creek shirt in all of its glory.

How can you make it yours?

In order to enter, please share this post on Facebook and leave a comment on this blog post. Comment on this post telling us where you will sport this shirt and why. Our staff will select the best comment. Looking forward to hearing from everyone! We’ll announce the winner on Tuesday, April 19.

Contest Winner Update: Looks like Joe Blevins will be wearing the Hi-Tec’s Salt Creek Shirt on his 70th birthday this July while he collects his 500 mile “hike the Smokies” pin. Our staff at picked his comment as their favorite. Congratulations and happy early birthday to you!

This contest is open to the U.S. and Canada only. If the winner’s size is out of stock, Hi-Tec will replace with another style of equal of lesser value.

51 Comments on “Contest: Win Hi-Tec Men’s Salt Creek Shirt

  1. I will wear it while whitewater canoeing in Alaska’s portion of the Arctic circle and then I will finish the week with my trip on Denali.

  2. I would sport this when I would go on my first backpacking adventure into the first leg of the Colorado trail. The starting point is minutes from my house, and the first leg is also most heavily traveled of all the legs.


  3. Shirt looks really nice. I would sport this shirt on Concord river afternoons and Hiking the AT.

  4. kanga loves hi-tec! kanga would wear this shirt hiking spring and fall. or wherever you tell her to. kanga wears a medium.

  5. Man I look great in that blue shirt. I never win Though.

  6. I would wear this shirt on my entire SOBO thru hike this summer because if I went bare-chested I might scare children and ruin the outdoor adventure for them. I’m planning on bringing my camera so I hope to model it the whole way too for the 3 people that will read my trail blog.

  7. I’d wear it bouldering. I’m pretty much anti-cotton. This thing would wear well as I scrape granite inlays with my abdomen. I’d probably take it off and lay it down to sunbathe on too as I’m in a park scoping chics. Probably looks good slung over the shoulder by the finger.

  8. i would use it to enjoy being myself outside the house. 🙂

  9. Geez, so many places that this shirt would be worn. Backpacking PA, rafting West Virginia, sitting around a backyard campfire and at the local pub are just a few of the many examples.

  10. I’d embroider my boy scout troop logo on it & wear during troop hiking, outdoor, and camping events to show my scouts that they too can incorporate quality, “cool” clothing into scouting.

  11. I am traveling to Holland and France in middle-late May for a Study Abroad trip and am having trouble finding good travel shirts that fit well/ look presentable. If this shirt breathes well and does not fit like a box (as per most other available travel shirts), then I know that it will make this 21-day, carry-on/ personal item only trip a WHOLE lot better!

    … the carry-on/ personal item was my choice. I am just trying to simplify as much as possible, and quick-drying + quick washing = a great, multi-day shirt that can really perform!

  12. I checked out the specs for the Salt Creek shirt-ness. Made out of nylon goodness? Check. Bi-Flow venting? Hardly, its triflow and I need all the venting I can get on the trail. UPF? Check and an impressive check at that as it is rated at UPF 30 which is above the 15 shirts usually promise. So given all these specs, this seems to be the shirt for me.

    Where would I wear it? Everywhere! I am planning a PCT hike and that blue would look really sharp on the trail.

    Please lay that blue, triflow, nylon UPF 30 goodness on me!

  13. I’ll proudly wear this atop a mountain I climb this summer – and will have my picture taken with a sign that says “I won this Hi-Tec shirt from” – and then post the photo on my blog!

  14. I would wear this shirt later this year when I go to visit my uncle in Minnesota. I would wear it for every occasion, hiking, fishing, shooting even going to church.

  15. Where would I sport this shirt? In the Catskills, of course. I just finished my required winter peaks (the last done in the pouring rain, 2 feet of snow, and laughing our asses off each and every time one of us fell), and now we are on to the required 35 peaks.

    I would look great chasing behind my “billy goat” hiking buddy, who used to run track, cross country, and all those long distance trails in his younger years, and all I did was wrestle, but he doesn’t have any sense of fashion — purple and yellow on a trail? I may not be able to keep up with him, but I sure would look better!

  16. I recently went on a A.T. section hike, and on every mountain or small hill my supposedly “super breathable” shirt would make me hot and sweaty. Therefor making me tire faster and take more breaks. I would really enjoy this shirt on future trips like my Philmont trip next year and my next section hike this summer. It would also help me at boy scout summer camp, biking trips, and summer vacations.

  17. I’d wear it hiking all over this great land. From the mountains, to the prairie, to the oceans white with foam…well, maybe not the prairie.

  18. Sounds like this shirt is what I’ve been looking for.
    I would wear it on my 14-day hiking trip on the “kings trail” (Kungsleden) in Sweden this summer. I would most lightly also wear it when i climb Kebnekaise, the highest peak in Sweden.

  19. Pros: Fits my girthy frame, attracts women, notably does not have wolves on it but that’s ok, it still magically heals all ills.

    Cons: No wolves (could probably use some on the ‘guns’), cannot see wolves when sitting with arms crossed, wolves would have been awesome if they also glowed in the dark.

    (Will wear this on top of Pike Peak Mt in CO)

  20. I’m sure if I win this shirt that it will save me from being mauled by wolves on my trip this summer to Isle Royal due to their inability to attack something so sexy. Normally, I’m rather average in appearance and would be eaten as soon as I step onto the island.

  21. I’ll wear it while I backpack the San Joaquin River Gorge, Kings Canyon National Park, Sierra National Forest, and the Sequoia National Forest. I’m so lucky to have all these areas within an hour of home! I just need the proper clothing to fit the season.

    Looks like Hi-Tec’s got me covered!

  22. I need to get back up to the highest point in Arizona again and this shirt will help me achieve my goal!

  23. Durable, breathable & stylish? I’d wear it in the rainforests, the fynbos & the deserts of the world. Sounds like the perfect shirt for my horticultural duties managing the plant collections at the EEB Greenhouses at UConn!

  24. My family is about to return to the U.S. after 5 years on the missions field. Where we are at is beautiful, but does not have the same system of National and State Parks. Most of my hiking and camping gear is fairly old and sitting in storage back in the States, so I could really use some new clothes/gear. Also, my eldest daughter is just now getting old enough that I can take her on day hikes and share with her my love for our beautiful world.
    We are going to have a blast, but a new tech shirt would make the time even better!

  25. Forgot to say that I’d wear it on a father daughter grandfather hiking trip.

  26. Wearing a shirt like this would not take a great deal of imagination. Why? Because it fits into just about any type of social or outdoor situation, according to the review and Hi-Tech’s statements. If I only had one of these shirts, I’d wear it for just about all outdoor activities. I especially look forward to testing it in the extremely hot and arrid days of Summer in the West Texas desert area as I hike through Big Bend National Park and the New Mexico badlands. I would also try it out on the golf course to see if it truly improves my game (is that possible? many have given up hope) and I’d enjoy wearing it to social functions at which there are many people such as local sporting shows, country fairs, charity functions and the like, hoping to get comments and critiques of my social apparel. Finally, I’d wear it to bed to see if it REALLY has magical qualities (can it really improve my ….er…game? my wife hopes so)…

  27. I will wear this shirt when I collect my 500 mile “hike the Smokies” pin in July on my 70th birthday!

  28. The answer is more like “where wouldn’t I wear it”?!?

    – In the shower.
    – Topless through hikes on the PCT.
    – With the mountain locals when I’m trying not to look like cityfolk.

    Where would I wear it?

    – Henry Coe State Park – Bright sunny hotness there up on the ridges.
    – Rolling into restaurants for a hot meal and a pint at the end of a long hike.
    – Anywhere to look decent next to my far snazzier friends.

  29. My husband will wear this shirt on one of our backpacking trips in the western North Carolina mountains this summer. We’ll be taking our one-year-old backpacking for the first time. Can’t wait!

  30. I will wear this shirt across the country as I travel from Texas to New Mexico, up to Colorado, across Wyoming, into Montana and even to Canada. I will then bring it home through Idaho, and Utah Making sure to stop in Glacier, Waterton Lakes, Yellowstone, and Canyonlands National Parks. It will get some very good use.

  31. I’m currently attempting to climb all 283 mountains over 3000ft in Scotland . . . I’m almost halfway through them, and I’ll wear this shirt to the summit of #283!

  32. My husband will get lots of wear out of it as we plan on spending 8 weeks in Glacier National Park this summer – hiking over 250 miles! Elements are perfect for this type of shirt!

  33. I’ll be wearing this on my next trip to the Smoky Mountains at the end of September. Probably also on numerous day trips to the various state parks within a 2-hour drive as well.

  34. My husband would probably wear this shirt to work for those hot days out searching for desert tortoises. This shirt looks so nice it could not only be worn out in the field, but in the office as well. After the shirt takes some abuse, it would finally get demoted into his hiking shirts. It would then be used to explore southern California, which is where we just moved to and would also see a few trips back to home in Western Montana. (The bitterroots and pintlers).

  35. This shirt would be perfect for when I spend a week at my friend’s lake house in Deep Creek, Maryland. His house backs up to woods that lead out to the vast lake. This shirt would be perfect for bonfires, hanging out by the lake, and early morning boat rides on the lake. Plus this is a really cool shirt!

  36. I would wear it on every trail we hike here in East Tennessee for the rest of this year, and I would sport it well. Let’s see how it stands up to multiple uses over and over again.

  37. I would totally love to sport this shirt on my Sunday hikes!

  38. I’ll wear it shopping, and out to dinner, because it’s a wear anywhere casual!!

  39. This shirt looks great for keeping the sun off of you during the long summer day hikes, or sitting in a kayak on the water!

  40. I love Hi-Tec boots! I haven’t tried any of their apparel so I would be stoked to try this shirt out. I especially like in the description when it says “casual enough for Sunday, especially if hiking is on your to-do list.” I like to hike on the weekends, so this shirt would definitely be awesome!


  41. In Russia, on vacation celebrating a friend’s 50th. No matter how hot it gets (politically, socially, globally), I’ll be able to stay cool.

  42. In Russia, to show Americans are ‘cool.’ 🙂

  43. Never tried any hi-tec gear. Here’s hoping I’ll have some new gear for this summer.

  44. My husband would wear this shirt all over the Idaho Panhandle as he has promised to go backpacking with me this summer!