By the Numbers: Converse Boots


Converse Men's Sage Green Stealth Boots

Long before Converse began cranking out combat boots, the brand became world-famous for its “Chucks.” Nowadays the American shoe company provides much more than a basic black basketball shoe.

Here’s a CliffNotes history lesson of more than a century of Converse.

  • 1929 – The year Converse Rubber filed for bankruptcy, along with legions of others companies.
  • $5 million – Despite earning more than $450 million in revenues in 1997, Converse posted a $5 million loss because shoppers moved away from athletic shoes, opting for work boots or casual footwear instead.
  • 1 – Times basketball star Chuck Taylor complained that his feet hurt before Converse outfitted him in their brand and, in turn, created a lifetime spokesperson.
  • 1970s – The year Converse began producing industrial boots.
  • $305 million – The amount Nike paid for Converse in 2003.
  • 11 – Nicknames Chuck Taylor All-Star shoes acquired through the years, which includes “Chucker Boots,” “Chucks” and “Cons.”
  • 7 – Number of figures in the amount Converse paid for a five-year sponsorship of FIBA, or Federation Internationale de Basketball, in 1990.
  • 1985 – The year its “Chucks” are named the official footwear of the National Basketball Association.
  • 60 – Percentage its international business increased from 1987 to 1988 because of expansions in Europe, Asia and North America.
  • 2 – YouTube slideshows featuring Converse military boots paired with horrific background music. Check out the better of the two below!

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