Craigslist Holster Deal of the Century

We’ve been coming across all sorts of crazy deals on Craigslist lately. But this one in Baltimore is *really* insane.

Someone is selling an assortment of 21 gun holsters for $200. The “diverse collection” was appraised by a cop, who estimated that the set was worth more than $200.

We’re not sure we totally believe the opinion of just one person who could have just glanced at a picture and pulled a number out of the sky. However, his listing is certainly a dream come true for any holster collector or enthusiast out there.

The strangest part: The online offer spikes in price by $50 for Anne Arundel county police officers. There’s no explanation as to why, so we can only assume that they’re not liked for some reason.

How much do you think the gun holsters in the picture above are worth? Would you pay $200 for the bunch?

One Comment on “Craigslist Holster Deal of the Century

  1. Yes I would pay that 200 for those holsters, because there is a few of them that run around 79 a piece whem new, and those looked in pretty good shape.

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