Danner Light II Perfect For Park Rangers

“Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, the outdoors was always going to part of my life,” says Park Ranger Kurt Nelson in the latest installment of Danner‘s “Going the Distance” films. These movies spotlight people who wear Danner boots while working within their communities.

The style that Nelson wears is the Danner Light II.

“Hiking has always been what I loved to do,” he explains. He has hiked the Pacific Crest Trail, was a climb leader and an Outward Bound instructor.

“To get paid to walk in the outdoors is an incredible profession,” says Nelson. Most of the issues that he needs to attend to in an official capacity take him off the trails. He says he has to bushwhack and requires much more protection than a pair of tennis shoes.

“There are some things you always have with you. I carry a map. I carry a knife,” he explains, adding that he always wore Danners. “They’ve taken me a lot of miles.”

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