Did EOTAC Go Out of Business?

Sadly, it would appear that a major player in the tactical clothing industry has shut its doors. With rumors of its closure spreading through forums as early as January, the EOTAC website officially has been benched.

Soldier Systems Daily reported on the website’s apparent demise on Thursday, March 21. When speaking to SSD in February, EOTAC’s parent company Freedom Group Inc. did not deny that EOTAC would be closing. However, they were mighty interested in how SSD learned about it.

The EOTAC’s Twitter account and Facebook page haven’t seen much action since March 26, 2011. The last post on both “The title says it all! : )” didn’t give any indication that the company was folding up. However, unanswered wall comments such as “WTF GUYS U ALL alive ???” and “I’m also curious. Is Eotac dead?” seem to say it all.¬†EOTAC appears to have exited stage left without so much as a farewell press release.

In a past Tactical Gear Blog interview “Panteao Productions Showcases Firearms Instructors,” EOTAC founder Fernando Coelho shared he had resigned due to the relocation of the facility. He explained when the majority shareholder Remington announced these plans, he decided to step down in June 2010. Although he was available to them in a consultant capacity, Coelho dedicated the majority of his time to his newest business venture Panteao Productions. The website went live Monday, April 11, 2011.

Representatives from FGI were contacted regarding EOTAC. More information to follow.

What have you heard about EOTAC closing?

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  1. Bummer…I just discovered this brand, 2 days ago, and now they’re out of business??? Their operator-grade cargo pants are the best I’ve found!

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