Dinosaur Hunting: One .700 Round At A Time

Big things don’t always come in small packages. Although “mini” seems to be trending, this Cast Boolits member believes in the old adage, “Bigger is Better.” Or is that the Texas state motto?

Whatever the case, he made the ginormous .700 WTF, which looks like it could easily take down a large carnivore (or herbivore, we don’t discriminate here). The guys over at The Firearm Blog even jokingly predicted it could end something from the Jurassic Period. Hmm… To Catch a Dinosaur—that would be a reality show worth watching.

In all seriousness, he created the cartridge by fire forming a .50 BMG brass case and trimming it to its three-inch length. He then loaded the round with 1132 grain paper patched .700 lead cast bullet. But what good is this gargantuan masterpiece if there isn’t a way to use it?

It is reported that he designed this rifle and made all of its components, save for the barrel. When fired, it can send the .700 WTF straight through a 1/4-inch steel plate. Like butter.

Sadly, it does not appear that this will be available for purchase. At least you have something to dream about tonight…

How much would you pay to fire off a few of these rounds?

7 Comments on “Dinosaur Hunting: One .700 Round At A Time

  1. cool vid, even cooler gun, that round is amazing…one hell of a gunsmith! Keep it up, looking forward to more videos…oh…how’s the shoulder? lol

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  3. Actually, I watched that pretty closely & all muzzle sweeps occur with a discharged rifle. It’s a removable bolt single-shot so I’m thinking someone is calling people names cause they themselves are too:
    A) Stupid to make it or even understand it
    B) Jealous that they did not get invited
    C) Empoverished to afford such a thing
    D) All three…

    I find it an interesting feat of engineering. I also think he’s a swell guy for letting his buddies shoot his $10/round gun!!

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  5. Another bunch of Morons out in the desert. Let’s see… Moron #1 just about covers Moron with camera with the muzzle of a LOADED COCKED RIFLE while doing his “look at me, I’m a Moron and I don’t know anything about firearm safety” laugh. Then at least 2 other morons sweep the entire crowd of morons with the muzzle while doing the “WOW, I really AM a Moron” move.


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