Discreet Tactical Denim Jeans

EOTAC's Discreet Denim

These aren’t your daddy’s Levis. Oh no. Discreet tactical jeans are more like your casual, off-duty ninja jeans. It give an Average-Joe look for those packing like James Bond.

So, why look like Joe instead of Bond?

With more and more folks receiving a carry concealed license, there’s a growing interest in bringing a gun along almost anywhere without being fanny-pack obvious. If you get stuck in an unsavory situation, the last thing you’d want is to become a target for being armed. Tactical jeans and other discreet wares keep your identity on the DL. So, when bad guys bust into a convenience store, they won’t even know what they’re up against.

But, what’s so special about tactical jeans?

For one, pockets are usually deeper and wider — much like its clothing counterpart, the tactical pant. That means when you switch from a tactical pant to a discreet denim, you won’t have to change the placement of your gear.

Another plus to tactical jeans is the elastic waistband. It was not created just for big meals or future weight gain. It’s for those fast-moving guys who might scale buildings and tumble across car hoods on a casual grocery store outing. Because you never know, right? That elastic waist cuts you some slack when needed.

Get these tactical blues at EOTAC, which has a 12.5-ounce 100% cotton denim pant for $56.99-$68.99 MSRP. Or stop by the NRA Store for a pair of 5.11 Denim Tactical Jeans for $34.95. Their jeans have a little bit of a darker wash than EOTAC’s light stonewashed look. Yes, stonewashed. That ’80s fad is actually kind of in vogue again. Luckily EOTAC’s stonewash isn’t as severe as an acid wash.

And if you’re ready to jump on the trend train (destination unknown!), watch how you can turn your own boring jeans into stonewashed gems.

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