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For the most part, homemade gun holsters really aren’t something professionals should carry, especially those dealing with dangerous criminals. Nevertheless, you can find endless instructions on how to do it on your own in seconds. But to actually construct it … well, that’s going to be a bit more time consuming. If you’re good at it, you’ll have a personalized holster that fits your pistol perfectly in no time.

After pouring over several how-tos and step-by-step instructions, here’s what we gleaned:

1. Make a holster pattern using cardboard. Cut out your cardboard model, and hold it next to your choice of material (many prefer cowhide). Trace around the cardboard on your material.
2. Use a sharp knife to cut the leather. Be sure to cut a mirror piece, too, since this will be the other side of your holster.
3. Take a ruler, and mark the position of the gun and magazine and then the trigger guard and barrel.
4. Thinly layer glue to the areas on both pieces, making sure that you don’t glue together the part where the gun will go.
5. Trim the leather, and punch holes for a belt to loop through. Cut belt slots and stitching grooves. Stitch and double stitch the holster.
6. In order to mold the leather, wet it on the inside and out, and place your plastic-wrapped gun on the inside. Use your fingers to push the leather around it.
7. When the holster is dry (usually takes a night), trim and burnish the edges, and dye it if you’d like.

Check out a much more detailed version of this process, along with a variety of other types of holsters right here. Or for even more details, stop by’s Holstermaking 101, where a holster hobbyist walks you through everything — from picking out the leather to his own personal tips and tricks. “It’s always fun doing another holster (although I wouldn’t want to do it for a living!),” he writes on the site.

There are plenty of other ways you can get creative with your pistol holster. Try knitting your pistol its own cozy, or even crochet a holster belt out of doilies (see below photo for examples). Sure, you’ll probably be laughed off (or kicked out) of the shooting range, but you’ll get bonus points for creativity. Right?

And in this DIY video below, t3hDRIT shows off a holster made for his Airsoft pistol out of duct tape and spray paint.

Note: You might want to abstain from getting too creative because it could jeopardize your safety and the safety of those around you.

Know of any cool and creative holsters you’ve made or found online? Send them our way!

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