Behind the Seams: Drunk Tweets, Blog of the Year and More

  • Nothing’s worse than busting down the wrong door. (Trigger Pull Tactical)
  • Drunk drivers tweet to avoid checkpoints. Who knew they were so coordinated? (POLICE Magazine)
  • Vote every eight hours for your favorite Fire/EMS Blog of the Year. Well, at least vote once! (The Fire Critic)
  • There might be ten reasons why men prefer guns over women. But we’re sure there’s plenty more for the reverse argument. (Trigger Pull Tactical)
  • Nobody likes a Christmas Eve overdose. This one is especially sad. (A Tenderfoot in Tombstone)
  • Four takes on one single question: Do you ever just go through the motions? (Rogue Medic)
  • France’s new law brings up the question: How does one investigate psychological violence? (Slam Dunks)
  • Behind the wheel? Try hanging up the phone. (Behind the Blue Line)
  • Don’t lose your fingers this winter. And, yeah, it’s that cold. (Everyday EMS Tips)
  • Bid a final adieu to the San Diego Police Department’s K-9 force. (Positive LEO)
  • See the light (and the law) with Officer “Smith”. (Behind the Badge)
  • And why yes, there is! (The Happy Medic)

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