Empty Holsters Permitted at Texas College

Students can now carry empty gun holsters on a Texas college campus following a three-year battle that ended last week.

Why would Tarrant County College administrators care about students sporting holsters without guns?

Apparently the school felt empty holsters were a security threat that would scare some students or entice others to actually bring weapons to school. Students wanted to wear the holsters as part of a carry concealed protest organized by Concealed Campus.

According to the national grassroots group, more than 600 campuses have hosted such protests garnering much media attention for second amendment rights. These types of holster protests surged after the Virginia Tech massacre in 2007.

The students at Tarrant County College, however, were not allowed to participate and took their grievance to court. They argued that their right to free speech was squelched by the holster ban. And a federal judge agreed.

“We’re really pleased with Judge Mean’s opinion,” ACLU attorney Lisa Graybill told the Star-Telegram. “The ruling permanently enjoins [administrators] from stopping these protests. They’re going to be able to wear their holsters in the classroom.”

Watch a 2008 news clip about the empty holster controversy below.

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