EOTAC, 5.11 Discontinue Tactical Jeans

Tactical jeans are quickly disappearing from manufacturer line-ups. And it’s not because they’re selling out.

Less than a year ago we highlighted discreet tactical denim jeans, which give a James Bond-like feel to the average pair of Levi’s. Since that time, we’ve had a few customers wondering what was up with the sudden disappearance of these tactical gems.

It turns out that there is little mystery behind the extinction of the tactical jean. The answer is simple: Not many people actually wanted to own a pair.

Because of the lack of demand, many companies have since discontinued the tactical denim. EOTAC confirmed that their tactical jeans have, in fact, been discontinued. At the zenith of their glory, the EOTAC Operator Grade Discreet Denim Pants were sold for $45.99 MSRP. Now they can be picked up for as little as $15. Todd Grovijohn with EOTAC said the pants “were just not big sellers,” and that EOTAC does not have plans to replace or resurrect its tactical jeans.

5.11 Tactical is another brand who once made tactical denim. Now their denim line has been seen on closeout sections all across the web. Orignally selling for around $49.99 MSRP, now you can pick up a pair for $13.99. 5.11 confirmed that their denim tactical jeans are no longer a part of their line. However, they were unable to provide further explanation as to why the line is no longer.

So, if you’ve been eying tactical jeans for some time now, you better snag a pair immediately (for a significantly reduced price) while you still have the chance! Soon it will almost be like they never existed at all.

What did you think of tactical jeans? Are you sad to see them go, or happy you’ll never have to see them again?

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  1. Excellent article. Thank you I was wondering what was up.

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