EOTAC Direct Action Recce Pant

Unveiled at last year’s SHOT Show, EOTAC’s Recce Pants (pronounced “recky”) offer countless ways to get suited up for duty or the range.

Sure, like many other tactical pants, it has a gusseted crotch, phone pockets and ripstop pouches. However on this particular design, EOTAC chose to take it up a notch and add some pretty awesome special features.

What are these amazing attributes? For starters, the pants have a double slot-button closure that ensures if one button pops off, you’ll have a back-up plan. There’s also an angled waistband and suspender loops that allow you to wear your pants more ways than one.

Looking for more reinforcement? The Recce Pant gives you extra lining in both the knee and hip regions. This lining is made out of 500-denier nylon—extra protection for when you squat and kneel.

Other features include:

  • Proprietary Tacti-Fit Sizing System
  • Gusseted Crotch
  • Easy Access Front Pockets w/500-denier nylon Reinforcement
  • Heavy Duty Ripstop Pocket Pouches
  • Front Welt Pockets for ID, Phone, etc
  • Utility Pockets w/Button Flap Closure
  • Bellows Cargo Pockets w/Button Flap Closure
  • Lower Pockets w/Button Flap Closure & Elastic Loops.
  • Reinforced Belt Loops
  • Double Reinforced Seat

The name of the pant itself comes from the noun reconnaissance, which means exploratory military survey of enemy territory.

We spoke with EOTAC CEO and clothing designer Fernando Coelho last February about tactical pant design and he told us, “My initial impressions (of tactical pants) are the reason I’m in the clothing business now. I was so disappointed with the fit of the first tactical pants I wore. Then after you washed them a few times, the fit got worse.”

We’re quite sure Coelho designed the Recce Pants to his liking. Unfortunately these pants are out of stock and won’t be available until later this spring. Looks like we all have something to look forward to in this new year.

For now, keep yourself preoccupied by watching Coelho explain the Direct Action line at SHOT Show 2010.

Have you tested out EOTAC’s Recce pant? How does it stack up to other tactical pants on the market today?

3 Comments on “EOTAC Direct Action Recce Pant

  1. Reconnaissance is a noun; the related verb is reconnoiter.

  2. Has anyone heard anything on the release of the DA line? Its been almost one year to date since they were announced and they are still not available for purchase.

    Get on it eotac, we are waiting.

  3. I’ve been wanting to test out the whole line of the Direct Action/Recce stuff since last year – unfortunately, EOTAC still has not had it available for sale in any location I can find. If you can point me to a source I will buy a pair and be happy to give you a review!

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