Father’s Day: 26 Gift Ideas for the Tactical Dad

Father’s Day is a very different monster than Mother’s Day. Dads want practicality. They want usefulness. So buying for a father who is in the tactical field should be a piece of cake.

For one, there are a million tools for those papas who would be more comfortable in a bulletproof vest than a Kiss the Cook apron. For two … well these tactical dudes are resourceful and find a purpose for whatever you gift them.

Just for good measure, here are a few ideas to get your search started off right and prepare you well for Sunday, June 19.

Tactical time pieces

If you have a tactical dad, he knows Suunto. Don’t believe us? Just drop the name casually in your next phone conversation. While a bit on the pricey side, gifting your dad one of these bad boys may land you in his good books for years.

In addition to accurately telling the time, the Vector ($199) boasts the additional features of an altimeter, barometer and compass. The Core ($299) is a bit more stylish and has added features like automatic Alti/Baro switch and depth meter. Suunto watches are a great for the adventurous father. Or if he’s not really that into spelunking or climbing, at least he can brag about all of the buttons.


Suunto's Vector and Core

Ever prepared … the multi-tool

Every tactical hombre needs a multi-tool clipped to his utility belt or regular belt. You always need to be prepared, right? Luckily, there is a multi-tool in every price range. The Gerber Multi-Plier 400 Compact Sport ($32.99) is a bare bones type of tool, but it has all the necessities — screwdrivers, knife blade, can opener, bottle opener and pair of Friskars scissors.

If you want to kick it up a notch for the old man, check out the Leatherman Charge ALX (retailing around $100). With over 30 tools conveniently nestled inside, the Charge is lightweight. No matter the mission, this durable multi-tool has him covered.


Gerber, Leatherman and Swiss Army multi-tools

Bordering on the ridiculous, the Swiss Army’s Workchamp XL ($237) shames those Boy Scout pocket tools of his past. The Cadillac of multi-tools includes a large locking blade, a corkscrew, can opener, bottle opener, wire stripper, reamer with sewing eye, scissors, wood saw, tweezers, nail file, screwdriver, pliers, hoof cleaner, clip point blade, shackle opener and the list goes on.

Papa needs a new pair of pants

Your dad is a tactical guy. He’s got a lot of pants with a lot of pockets. However, even the toughest of tactical pants wear down, not to mention that many of his standbys are probably too heavy for the summer months. Why not give him a  few lightweight tactical pants?

Ringing up around $20 a pair,  Genuine Gear produces a more wallet-friendly pair of tactical pants. Available in a variety of colors, the pants are 40/60 percent poly cotton ripstop. A Propper International brand, the pants offer functionality and a great value. Not to mention the pockets within pockets are pretty cool.

Genuine Gear, Woolrich and Kitanica tactical pants

Next up are the Woolrich Elite Lightweight Tactical Pants ($51.99). The lightweight version has the same features as the original Woolrich Elite tactical pants: double-needle stitching and bar-tacked stress points, 10 multi-use pockets, 2 wallet/ID pockets, wide front pocket opening for conceal carry, and elastic panels in waistband.

The Kitanica Lightweight Tactical Pants ($160) are one of the higher quality tactical pants out there. The attention to detail and craftsmanship has attracted many a loyal fan. The pants are 65/35 poly-cotton ripstop fabric have features like 12 pockets, expandable rear dump pockets, mesh interned crotch, pull-tab flaps on the let pockets, bar-tacked stress points and wide stance cut for mobile fit.

Think outside the ballcap

Dad likes the sun. The sun does not like dad’s bald head. Keep his scalp blister free with these tactical headgear alternatives.

Woolrich Elite Boonie Hat ($19.99) is sewn to military specifications. The durable, vented headgear will keep him chill during the summer months. For something closer to the baseball cap family, Propper’s patrol hats ($4.99) could be more your dad’s taste.

Woolrich's boonie hat and Propper's patrol hat

Make sure dad is carrying like a man

Dad may just need a bag to stow all his tactical tools in. Organization may also be an issue here. There are many durable, high quality solutions out there — whether dad just needs a pocket organizer or tactical duffel, there many durable options.

If your dad has a ton of odds and ends in his pockets, he may be content with the Blackhawk BDU Mini Pocket Pack ($20.99). It’s perfect for stowing pens, PDAs, spare batteries and keys.


Blackhawk mini pack and messenger bag

Also available from Blackhawk, the Covert Carry Messenger Bag ($77.99) keeps the dad who’s packing happy. Although it looks like it’s just the standard messenger bag, it can hold two magazines and a handgun. Available in military (1,000d nylon) and civilian (velocity nylon) designs, the bag can also safely hold dad’s laptop simultaneously.

Old man a Maxpedition fan? Look into purchasing him the Monsoon Gearslinger ($117.99). While having one shoulder strap like the messenger bag, some more dads may prefer a look more similar to a backpack.

Maxpedition Gearslinger and Oakley duffel

If your dad is constantly on the go, he may greatly appreciate having the Oakley Heavy Payload Duffel ($79.95) in his luggage collection. The lightweight bag is ideal as a carryon or gym bag. The top-loading duffel has end pockets on both ends and is made of 1,680d poly fabric for durability. The rubberized bottom will protect his belonging from any mystery liquids found on floors. If he’s more of a backpack dad, check out the Oakley Icon Backpack 2.0.

He’s a vest guy

Perhaps you have a dad who really enjoys a good vest. What could be better than a tactical vest present for Father’s Day? Although great for the guy who loves pockets and concealed carrying, many of these vests also make a pretty good piece of fishing apparel. Check out the Woolrich Elite Discreet Carry Vest ($60.99) or the Woolrich Elite Tactical Vest ($72.99).

Woolrich's Discreet Carry and Tactical vests

Keeping dad hydrated

Water is important. Some would say life-giving. For the active father, maybe a canteen or hydration system is in order? Blackhawk’s canteen ($15.99) has a military standard one quart capacity. Withstanding temperatures from -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 212 degrees Fahrenheit, the dishwasher safe canteen will fit in pouches and cups.

Blackhawk canteen and Camelbak hydration system

For those wanting to dig a little deeper into their pockets, CamelBak ($71-$76) manufactures a three-liter hydration system that is worn on your back. The prices varies depending on the color or pattern you order. The easy-to-wear system straps over the shoulders and has been battle-tested by troops throughout the world. Help dad kick his workout into high gear with this hydration system.

Get this man more lumens!

Flashlights are easy to misplace. They are also one of the most important tools to have on your person. You can never have too many tactical flashlights. We’re sure your father feels the same way.

The Streamlight ProTac 1L ($52.99) is pocket-sized and produces an intensely bright light. The durable, waterproof  flashlight has three settings: high, low and strobe.


Streamlight, Blackhawk and SureFire flashlights

Blackhawk’s Legacy X6 Xenon ($70.99) mini light features an anti-roll system. With 65 lumens, the flashlight’s beam signature is pre-focused meaning it leaves no shadows. With its personal defense option, the Surefire Defender ($189) provides more than a light source. The Strike Bezel provides dad a defense option in sticky situations.

If you aren’t on a budget…

What if you weren’t restrained by petty things like budgets? If the sky were the limit (sometimes literally), what would you bestow upon the man who helped mold you into the person you are today?

For the traveling dad, there is always the supremely luxurious Mercedes-Benz helicopter. Of course, you’ll probably have to fund his weekend getaways with mom…

Mercedes-Benz luxury helicopter via Wired

Does your dad obsess about the “end times”? Does he have a closet full of MREs and bottle water? Put his mind to rest by purchasing him and mom spots in the Vivos underground shelter. Despite its bargain price tag of $25,000 a head, the rents will have to prove their worth. Prior to approval, they have to demonstrate skills that will contribute to the underground society of the future. Kind of puts a whole new spin on homeowners’ associations.

Dad has been wanting that game room FOREVER. Mom always nixes the idea. Well, suppose you have an extra $2 million lying around — why not surprise him with 20-something acres in the middle of the ocean? While a tad expensive, at least you would always have a place to vacation if dad doesn’t mind sharing his personal oasis. via Private Islands Online

Island for sale on Private Islands Online

Shop on friends! Or you could always fashion a macaroni and construction paper masterpiece like you made when you were five. Your dad likes glitter, right?

What’s your dream gear gift for Father’s Day?

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